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A fun way to send your favorite college students off to college is with college gift baskets. Here are some fun and easy ideas of useful items for college student gifts. Back to College Basket

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Do you know any upcoming college students? We have a really easy, useful, and inexpensive way to help them celebrate their college experience with college gift baskets. Here’s why they are such a good idea and some easy, inexpensive, but useful items and ideas for college gift baskets. 

This year, we’re watching a niece and nephew start their first year of college! They ended the previous year in such a strange way, and we want them to feel celebrated and excited about this big milestone!

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So we’re giving all the pep-talks and stocking up on Sparkling Ice® +Caffeine at Albertsons (check out the Albertson’s app coupon here) for those long academic hours.


It’s all about trying to get them excited for the new year! They left a very strange previous academic year behind, so it’s the perfect opportunity to give them a boost and get them excited about school again! 

College gift baskets for college students.

College Gift Baskets Ideas


There’s something about studying and the munchies, isn’t there? You can easily add some of their favorites. We also like giving a gift card to pick up snacks once school is in and they need a study break. 


For all those early mornings and late nights, a Sparkling Ice® +Caffeine is a great drink to have on hand! There’s zero sugar and only 5 calories, so it gives that boost without the sugar crash. Plus, there’s antioxidants/vitamins, and couldn’t every college student use some more antioxidants/vitamins in their life?

A few variety flavors make college gift baskets extra fun! Sparkling Ice® +Caffeine in Cherry Vanilla is always a favorite, and Triple Citrus and Strawberry Citrus give a fun variety of flavors to choose from. They’re easy to find at Albertsons in the beverage aisle. 

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Solid Notepad 

Even if most things are digital these days, a solid notepad for jotting down notes or making lists is always a good idea. 

Sticky Notes

There’s always a use for sticky notes! From reminders to bookmarks, these always seem to be put to great use! 

Note Cards 

Help them ace their classes with note cards on hand. Most college students don’t think to buy these until it’s time for midterms or finals. They’ll be so grateful to have that pack when it’s time to make flashcards. 


It’s always a good idea to have a pen and pencil on hand. Give them a pack or a nice one they’ll love and use. 

Extra Charger 

Another item college students seem to always need! A backup charger for their electronics can save the day and always seem to be put to good use. 

Gift Basket for Back to College

Assembling a Gift Basket for College Students

It only takes gathering a few supplies you know your favorite student will likely use and enjoy, and a desk organizer to store items to use as a gift basket. Add the big items first, and then fill with the smaller items. 

We’ve already seen one soon-to-be college student smile brightly, excited for the upcoming year when we gifted this basket. I know the college students in your life will love the thoughtful encouragement too. 

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