Diet Change, Socialization, and Other Toddler Concerns: My Secret for Keeping a Toddler Healthy

Toddler Diet

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There’s nothing quite like watching your kid gain more and more independence. They develop favorite clothing items, favorite songs, favorite games, and of course favorite foods. Usuall, Mack is a pretty open minded eater, but I swear there are days he will only eat cheese and clementines.

It’s an interesting shift to go from nursing and knowing your baby is getting all they need, to toddler food and hybrid nursing, to watching solids become the main part of their diet. My last conversation with my pediatrician involved varieties of food and making sure he was getting enough of the right foods.

It’s also interesting to start talking about other health concerns. It used to be all about weight gain and sleeping, but we’re moving on to more discussions of mental development and social development. As a baby who spends most his time with his mom, dad and a few babysitters, we’re trying hard to help him branch out these days and learn some social skills aside from just how to make mom smile and get out of trouble with cuteness.

I’ve found that he seems to pick up a lot of illness the more he’s around other kids, just due to lack of exposure in our normal routine. My friends all tell me as you have more kids and the more social they become, the less sickness and more immunity you experience. But in the interim, I’m still finding other ways to help boost his little immune system, and it involves adding a little more than just a clementine a day!
We’re pretty in love after trying Smarty Pants Kids Probiotic Complete. It’s ahigh-qualityy probiotic (7x’s more CFU than other probiotic gummy vitamins, contains strains DE11® and IS2, and proven 99% survivability in stomach acid). It promotes good gut bacteria and digestive health, which can help a lot with immune issues and digestive health while adjusting to cow’s milk and other foods. But can I mention that best of all is it tastes amazing? Honestly, I’ve been stealing these instead of using my regular probiotics since trying them. This picture is deceitful because the second Mack spots them he is ready to down them and forgets about the rest of his food. It’s like a treat they are so delicious! They also dissolve easy too, and I sure love that about them and safe giving him gummies!

This is due to the fact that there’s no junk in these gummy vitamin supplements! No synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners/flavors/preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, and no GMO’s. For kids with allergies it’s a safe bet too- no gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, and they’re vegetarian. I’m learning more and more to appreciate products that you can feel safe about giving your kid and other kids, and know you’re helping them stay healthy while you expose them to other kids and new environments!

I’m feeling much more confident that at the next checkup we’ll have better socialization reports with fewer sick visits in-between!

Photos by Kylie Pond.

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