The Easiest Way to Spice Up Dinner and a Movie

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It’s a classic for a reason- dinner and a movie, but sometimes it becomes the tired standby that doesn’t feel like a fun, exciting date. We love it, but as people who run a date-night based lifestyle blog and have been going on fun dates for over six years, it’s one we don’t do very often for just that reason. But I’m excited to share one of our recent dates and how we had a completely new experience at a movie that really spiced up dinner and a movie!
A few weeks ago we had plans fall through and we decided while we still had a great babysitter scheduled who was willing to stay late, we should just go do the old stand-by and head to a movie. Without much planning, we headed to Zinburger because green chili fries are always the right choice, and we enjoyed some amazingly unique burgers, as you do.

And then we headed to our favorite theater with the comfortable reclining seats remarking the price of tickets had gone up again, only to realize we’d booked a 3-D movie. We haven’t done one in ages, in fact, it was one of our first dates just after we got out of the friend zone, and we had a blast cracking each other up pretending to reach out at items. That was way back in the Avatar days just for reference- with only one other we saw in our first year of marriage.

This time we went to see Dr. Strange. As someone who is pretty picky about movies, I have to say that one is fantastic! I’m a huge critic review consumer, and was so thrilled to read excellent reviews. Maybe I’m just a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan, but I really think the plot and unusual concept makes that one fantastic movie! Not to mention the special effects and all that went into it. I had to look it up right after the movie ended- it cost $165 million to make Dr. Strange! I think we would have enjoyed the movie as is, but we found that one thing made all the difference it it feeling like a routine date, and that was the 3D!

Who knew that putting on glasses, spending a few more dollars, and seeing a movie in a way we haven’t seen one in a very long time would make such a difference, but it totally did! I’m even super prone to motion-sickness, but during this movie I felt great and I have to say this “other realm” superhero concept is exceptionally phenomenal in 3D! It started to make me wonder what other movies have been superb in 3D and what we’ve missed out on, because this was the easiest way we’ve ever spiced up dinner and a movie and had a fantastic time with a routine date that suddenly felt exciting and brand new!

So I’m curious, what movies have you seen in 3D that you thought were amazing? I’m ready to start a list so we can continue to spice up this old standby!

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