Extend the Holiday Fun with This Tradition that Works Even Better After the Holidays

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Extend the holiday fun into the new year with this fun cereal tradition many families love for Christmas that works even better in January!

Back to School Tradition

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I’m a huge fan of tradition. There’s something about looking forward to something you do at a set time or season that makes life so fun. A prescribed activity, food, event, or ritual just brings so much joy. I loved it as a child knowing what my parents would make for dinner on each holiday. I love it as an adult watching my children look forward to a specific event or food. Tradition makes life fun, and the holidays are full of them.

The After Christmas Blues

I’ll never forget the feeling of leaving my cousin’s house high in the mountains on Christmas night. We’d drive through down the mountain on our way to our house and I’d see the Christmas lights and holiday decorations slowly fade. A sadness always fell over me, it meant the holidays were ending. It meant the traditions would be gone until the next major holiday. Also, I’d be back in school before I knew it.

Back to School Tradition

I’d love to tell you that feeling was exclusive to my childhood, but as I drove home last week and noticed the lights were all going down, the same feeling I had as a child came over me. My child also commented on how sad it was.

This is his first “holiday break” time away from school. We both were afraid that he’d miss preschool and friends terribly. But much to my surprise, he’s loved the slower mornings. He really loves staying in his pajamas, having time with mom, and most of all, basking in holiday traditions.

Cereal Box Tradition

As school starts again, it’s often so hard for kids to get back in the groove. I know the jokes are even echoed in holiday songs “Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again” with parents eager to say goodbye and get their routine back. But I’m afraid we’re both a little sad to see our quality time together and prescribed traditions go.

That had me thinking. There has to be a way to start a new tradition for back-to-school to help make it a fun experience for kids too. Bonus points if it makes those rushed mornings easier for adults too. It hit me, a classic holiday tradition many families do is actually the perfect thing for a back-to-school tradition that works even better after the holidays!

My sister-in-law introduced our family to the cereal box on Christmas morning tradition. Each person gets to choose their favorite kind of cereal and can expect it by their stocking, wrapped up, or just on the counter to enjoy for breakfast. It’s such a fun way to make breakfast happen easily!

Fun January Traditions for Kids

How perfect would a fun new cereal be for the back-to-school morning? You can wrap it up if you want to. Or it can be all set up next to the cereal bowl and a fun setting for kids to look forward to. I’d also highly recommend something new and exciting. We’re loving this take on Lucky Charms, Fruity Lucky Charms are so fun, bright and exciting. Just like the new semester and back-to-school morning should feel!

It’s a simple one too. Fun cereal you know your kids will be excited for that starts their morning, their day, and hopefully the new semester off with a smile and some excitement. What an easy way to welcome change and a new tradition!

You can find Fruity Lucky Charms at Walmart, and even include them in your grocery pickup ordering at Walmart.com to make this tradition easy for mom, and something kids can look forward to each year.

This may be just the trick to watching the lights go down, and not worrying that all traditions and fun are disappearing too!


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