Fall Cleaning- It’s the New Spring Cleaning

fall cleaning - deep cleaning tips and ideas

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Fall Cleaning- the new spring cleaning!

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It’s the time of year when I start to watch the calendar fill up fast, holiday plans materialize, and we start to prep for get-togethers and guests. Although it’s still warm in Arizona, we know that one of these weeks it’s also going to finally cool off, and we’re going to have to switch out all those t-shirts and shorts for the couple of jeans and sweaters we own. It’s a lot like most people’s winter to summer transition, which we also do, but I feel like fall cleaning and spring cleaning are pretty tied in importance for us as seasons change.

I love a good deep cleaning, and in just the past month I’ve finally snapped looking at clutter and the last few boxes from our move (which was two years ago) that we still need to unbox or just donate. We’ve been going through the house and just tossing and tidying, and realizing that there are a lot of little things that could use a deep clean.

I’ve also had the chance to sample some new cleaning products this season, and we’ve found a few clever ways to use these cool products that work perfectly for fall cleaning, I thought I’d share for anyone else prepping for guests or the busy holiday season, with a few fall cleaning tips to help get your house in order.

fall cleaning - deep cleaning tips and ideas

  1. The O-Cedar: ProMist Max Spray Mop. I love to get a new mop at least once a year, and we usually use our hand-held mop to clean the walls of our home before it touches our floor. A good wall cleaning really cuts down on dust, and this is the perfect mop to tackle the job! This double-sided mop has a mop head that covers 2.5x more surface and it’s eco-friendly with a reusable microfiber mop head you can throw in the washer. It’s such an effective cleaning tool that gets the job done quickly!
  2. Molly’s Suds Laundry Products: Do you have those white shirts you wear all the time that could really use a little whitening and refreshing? Do you have those guest towels that have sat in the closet too long and should be washed before the guests come? Molly’s Suds makes sure great products to help you out! They are formulated with a “no compromise” attitude and only use the purest of ingredients and even meet stringent guidelines which allow them to be Certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny and our ingredients are Certified Vegan. Clean laundry, brighter whites, and truly a “clean” product you can trust! Use promo code FRIDAYBABBLE for  25% OFF ORDER (EXP 10/31/17
    Fall Cleaning- the new spring cleaning!
  3. Grout Gator: The story behind this product is amazing, someone just got sick of having basically a toothbrush as their option to clean grout, and made the product of their dreams to quickly clean grout. If you haven’t cleaned it in over a year, it’s time! It cleans 2 to 8 grout lines at once and has an adjustable brush head to fit over tile sizes from 2” to 13”. So no matter what size your tile, you should be covered for clean grout! Every time we clean the grout we can’t believe what a difference it makes and remark we need to do it more often. Yay for making this chore a lot easier! And use the code: BB17 to get 15% off your purchase!
  4. Scrub Daddy: Sponge Caddy & Scour Daddy- Unlike traditional scour pads the Scour Daddy maintains his shape under pressure, has a convenient loop for storage/ drying,  and comes multiple colors for organizing, and you don’t have to worry about scratches or odors. The Sponge Caddy keeps sponges organized and lets them dry easily draining into the sink. We actually love to take this time of year to really clean the shower and tub, not just a quick clean we usually do, but really scrub the corners and crevices that don’t always get it. I love to have a new sponge for this project, and the caddy will make it even easier to keep sponges at their best!
  5. PowerOE: Odor Eliminating Spray and Cleaner + Odor Eliminator. We try really hard to tackle cleaning our trash cans, counters that contain the trash cans, and anywhere garbage related fairly regularly, but this is a time of year we hose off all the trash cans and use an odor eliminator. How easy is this spray form that is dye-free and you can get scented with natural essential oils or fragrance-free? You can even get 25% off with this code right now: FWL17
    Fall Cleaning- the new spring cleaning!
  6. Duck® brand Roll-On® Window Kits: Before living in Arizona I lived in a colder climate in an older apartment with windows that didn’t’ understand the concept of insulation. It was so so SO cold to be anywhere near the large window in the living room, and oh what I would have given for this product in those days! It comes with a pre-taped edge for simple roll-on application, requires no measuring and fits snugly to indoor window frames to provide an airtight seal. Which is a good thing, because it helps make your home more energy-efficient which means warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and you save money on energy bills. To learn more about Duck® brand Roll-On® Window Kits and how to install: Click Here

So there are some great products to try this fall, and a few areas to add to the cleaning list. I’d love to hear, what do you usually deep clean in the fall? Any good tips?

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  1. Ashley LaMar says:

    I always do a deep clean in the fall just before the holidays. I always have so much company and so many people coming and going during this time of year that I know I won’t get the chance to really clean again until mid-January. It’s now or never for me.

  2. Scrub Daddy says:

    Thanks for the nice review! We truly appreciate it.

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