My Favorite Workouts to Do From Home

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My Favorite Workouts to Do From Home: Easy at home workouts to make exercise a habit!

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I’ve been at this mom thing for over two years which is a little crazy how fast the times flies! I’ve been a big advocate of working out my entire life, I guess my endocrine and PCOS issues have always dictated that it needs to be an important part of my life. That and realizing how quickly I start to feel anxiety in my life when I quit working out, have kept me always striving to work out daily. This includes both at a gym and looking for workouts to do from home.

We’re at that point in the year when 80% of people have failed New Year’s resolutions, which always makes me sad to think about. When friends tell me fitness is something they’ve failed at I usually hear how they just couldn’t find a program that worked for them. Often, that’s they couldn’t find the extra 30 minutes in the morning or evening to drive to and from the gym. That’s why I think I’ve loved working out at home so much. Workouts to do from home can make all the difference when time is short! I’m a put in a solid 30 minutes and be done kind of person. I love that I can up a little earlier and I can make it a habit.

Through trial and error, I’ve found a bunch of at-home workout programs that have worked with me and that I’ve stuck to. Some are free, some have a small fee, but all have yielded results and been easy to incorporate into my life. And today, I hope I can help someone looking to fit fitness back into their life find a program they can easily do at home that works for them. *this post contains affiliate links


  1. The BBG. I’ve done the BBG for a year and a half now. It’s the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. Don’t be fooled men, it’s a program that works for all!
    What it is: A High-Intensity Interval Training program with eight exercises you do in two rounds. It takes about 20-30 minutes, and you only need the program, a little creativity to make objects at home work as a step stool and a weight. I lift my toddler, and I use our step-ladder and I’ve always been set.
    What I love: Holy Results! I started this, added one supplement change, and lost my baby weight and then some in a couple of months with no other changes! I also love how easy it is to do, and that I can do it with my child. Sure he climbs on me, but I make it work, and he feels like we’re getting quality time together. It’s intense, it’s fast, and it’s effective.
  2. Blogilaties. I found this years ago and added it to supplement my marathon training years ago. It’s full of YouTube movies Cassie has made for years, and her peppy attitude makes you laugh, distracts you, and keeps you motivated.
    What it is: Pilates and variations of Pilates (like PIIT- Pilates intensity interval training) in movies from five minutes to an hour.
    What I love: It’s free! You can watch a quick ad and support the creator in 30 seconds while you set up your mat, and you can choose target areas and the time you have easily. If you’re someone who can only do 10 minutes, this is a great place to start! I also love that I could do this pregnant and a few weeks postpartum. There are all levels, and they are great and effective workouts.
  3. Insanity. I started this with a group of teachers back in my teaching days. We met in the library and worked out intensely for 40-60 minutes a day after school. It was fun to do together, it KICKED MY BUTT, and it burned more calories than I could imagine!
    What it is: A video you work out with needing no equipment that will make you sweat and really get you moving! If you’re looking to burn fat and get your heart in shape, this is for you! It’s a Beach Body program, so you do have to buy it. But it’s an investment most people are so happy they made. I turned my brother onto this years ago after he realized he didn’t have an hour and a half for P90X or the gym, and he’s done it ever since.
    What I love: Oh the burn! If you’re in this for a tough workout, this is it! I also love it’s like a group fitness class you can do from home in 40 minutes. On my short on time days I did the 15 minute warm up and I still got in a sweat. I also love that you can be alone doing this. If you feel dumb going to the gym or out of shape, this is a great place to start,
  4. Running. I’ve been a runner for over a decade now at various levels from a mile here or there to a marathoner. It’s free, you can get a treadmill for bad weather months and still workout, or you can fit in a quick jog in your neighborhood.
    What it is: one foot in front of the other. It can start as a walk or it can be a fast sprint. All are effective, all levels are great, and there are programs like couch to 5k for those who want to get started from ground zero.
    What I love: The endorphin boost of finishing a run can’t be beaten, and I can fit this in on my busiest of days. Even a ten-minute mile in the morning makes my whole day better. I love that it can be social going with friends or your spouse. That’s actually how Jacob and I got to know each other, reporting on half-marathon training. I also love that I can turn on a tv show on a treadmill and distract myself while staying active. How amazing is aside from shoes it’s free. You can always run/walk/jog at any level. I can listen to podcasts or books or my favorite tunes, and I can just zone out and let my body burn some calories. This is my ultimate mental clarity and depression or anxiety fighting trick. Running has changed who I am and how I live my life!
  5. Focus T25. I love that this program is meant for busy people who want a group fitness class at home with an instructor who knows what’s going on.
    What it is: A shorter version of Insanity with one person showing modified moves for those who can’t complete as intense of movements. It’s designed to be under 30 minutes and super effective.
    What I love: It’s fast, it has a great variety of types of programs (Plyometrics, cardio burn, etc.) and they focus on different body parts. It’s a great program for those who need more guidance, and you won’t get bored easily with this one if you’re someone who needs a mix-up.
  6. The 30 Day Shred. This is another one I’ve done off and on through the years and added to my running routine. It adds in weights and it cardio, and Jillian Michaels will kick your butt in a short 25-30 minutes.
    What it is: A guided program that lets you progress with new movements and weights for max calorie burn in short time.
    What I love: It’s so easy to follow, it mixes up movements of weight training and cardio so just when you feel like you’re ready to die, you move on. I can always get myself to stick out a few more moves. Jillian also Biggest Loser style bullies you into confidence, and I love that she’s a great trainer who explains what and why you’re doing each move. There’s also enough variety to get you going for a month or two.

I’d love to hear, have you found any other workouts to do from home that you’ve stuck to and really enjoyed? Leave them in the comments to help others trying to get in shape!


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