Five Years! Celebrating Our 5 Year Anniversary

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Celebrating a 5 year anniversary with some words of affirmation! Here are five wonderful things about marriage in our 5th year of marriage! 

As a couple, we’re so thrilled to celebrate our 5 year anniversary this week! We have both confided in one another that neither of us had an ounce of cold feet leading up to our wedding day. We were ready, we were sure, we knew we’d make each other happy. As sappy as it sounds, I really knew what an amazing catch I had and thought he’d be a great husband, but I had no clue how happy Jacob Whiting would make me!

I can hardly believe it’s been 5 years! It feels like just a couple of weeks ago we were making eternal covenants and experiencing the happiest day of our lives!

5 Year Wedding Anniversary

We’ve had such a wild year in our 5th year of marriage- we became parents! Also, we sold our first home and moved. We’ve made some major career and life changes. But also, we’ve watched some tragedies unfold for family and friends.

It’s actually made me look at Jacob in a new way.  It’s made me think about how I had no idea that special day how amazing he really would be! So today, since I know he’ll read this post, I wanted to share 5 reasons I love Jacob Whiting with all my heart. And also, why I think I’m the luckiest girl in the history of ever on our 5 year anniversary. 

Celebrating The Fifth Year of Marriage

1. He listens to every word I have to say.
Even if he’s busy multitasking he still assures me with phrases like “I’m listening, my head is just under the sink fixing the pipe!” He validates my thoughts and feelings. He lets me know when I’m a little crazy or in the wrong, but for the most part he really does just listen and make me feel worthwhile.

2. He treats me like gold
I had so much baggage from the years of abuse from my ex-husband. I felt so worthless and so broken for so long. Truly, I am grateful every day I got to go to business school. It not only helped me change careers, but it also helped me feel some worth and confidence again.
I can’t believe how this guy picked me up from there and has boosted my confidence and let me know how special he thinks I am, even with all the deep scars and pain that surfaces at times. He’s never seen me as less than a whole person even in the moments I don’t feel it.

Partner Qualities That Matter

3. He treats everyone like they are someone of worth
I once heard the advice when dating to pay attention to how they treat the “unimportant people” because that’s who really matters. I love how Jacob treats servers when we go out to eat, the way he lights up when he speaks of his mother, and the fact that he buys so many homeless people food- he really values and cherishes humankind. He doesn’t judge, and he finds worth in everyone. It humbles me to see and makes me want to be a kinder, more loving person just by associating with him.

Fifth Year of Marriage

4. He prioritizes his family
I’ve heard it said you fall in love once when you marry and again when you watch your spouse as a parent. I could write a novel on this, but I’ll save that for another day. Let me just say that our little guy is in amazing hands with his dad, and I am always so grateful to know there’s an equal partner who shares the load as a parent.

5. His sense of humor
I crack up at least once a day because of something witty Jacob has said or sent in a text. He’s the right amount of subtle, and he’s always saying something appropriately funny. Do you know how some people can be hilarious without really offending anyone? That’s exactly how Jacob is! I love that he teases me. He points out the humor in situations, and he’s always someone to make others laugh. For how hard-working and serious he takes life, I love that there’s always a joke he’s ready to make or share.

Marriage that Lasts

I could make this list very long, but I’ll leave it at these. I know so many people feel that good men don’t exist in this world. But I am here to say that they do! Somehow out of so many other deserving souls, I became the luckiest girl in the world when Jacob showed up in my life! We’re celebrating our 5 years of marriage when I got to call Jacob my husband and keep one of the best men in the world for eternity. That’s no small thing! 

Happy 5 Year Anniversary Jacob, and here’s to eternity more!

5 Year Anniversary

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  1. Elyse Murray says:

    What a sweet post! Happy 5 year anniversary! Here's to MANY more!

  2. Happy anniversary!! You guys are one of my favorite couples!! 🙂

  3. Edye Nicole says:

    Happy Anniversary! You looked so pretty in your dress <3


  4. Budget Splurge Beauty says:

    congrats on 5 years! sounds like you really found quite the catch. I hope I do too some day!

  5. What a beautiful post. Happy Anniversary to you both. As a single woman I found your words encouraging: 'I know so many people feel that good men don't exist in this world, but I am here to say that they do!'.