Flagstaff AZ Getaway: Day 2, Downtown Flagstaff

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We woke up and had a wonderful morning going for a walk with temps in the 80’s. It was still hot, but we were actually outside, and that was what mattered to us! Viewing pine trees and being able to hold hands without getting a heat rash was the most important thing!

We decided to grab a quick lunch and head to our planned adventure, a ropes course called Flagstaff Extreme.

We were really excited and had planned our whole getaway around this, but noticed some lightening and thunder just as we got out of our vehicle. Apparently they have to wait an hour without any strikes to clear people being on the course. Who knew, lightening and people in tall trees don’t mix? JK, I’m grateful to be alive and safe, even though we watched everyone exit and after waiting almost 2 hours determined this wasn’t going to happen on this trip.

It was quickly decided this wasn’t going to ruin anything for us, and we were going to enjoy the beautiful mountains even in the rain. We went for a drive, and Jacob asked me if I’ve ever heard that pine trees smell like either chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. I grew up in the mountains, and had never heard this. He made me get out in the rain to test. Maybe it was just mental, but strawberry was the flavor of the pine! We didn’t mind kissing in the rain, a bucketlist item Mr. Jacob has helped me check off a few times.

We really couldn’t get enough of seeing real mountains, so large and majestic!

We decided to go shower and get ready for a night on the town after our rained out afternoon. It’s pretty exciting to be able to wear jeans in August- we were stoked!
We headed downtown to the happening part of the town.

It’s kind of cool to take this road to get there.

It quit raining just for long enough to really enjoy downtown and grab one amazing dinner. We’d had a few people recommend Diablo Burger, it was one place we would recommend to anyone who likes beef!

They boast of local, free-range beef with nothing but fresh ingredients, and unique burgers.
Jacob went spicy with “The Cheech” eating avocado, jalapeno, and pepper  jack. He was in love.

I also fell in love with the “Georgia on My Mind” burger. Grilled peaches make for one fantastic flavor!

We have had a lot of great burgers, but decided these are definitely in the top 3 we’ve ever had!

We loved the live music we heard while eating as well. We stopped to furrow our eyebrows each time we heard a Disney song, and figured some college student really loves Disney. Imagine our shock to finish dinner, head the center of downtown, and find this cute little girl belting out so many songs.

Once again, did I mention how happy we were to be outside? We really couldn’t get enough of walking around and soaking up the outdoors free of dripping sweat!

On our walk we noticed something I had to take a picture of. This was just such great advertising, what marketing nerd wouldn’t want to share this with the blogosphere?

And what photography hobbiest could resist taking pictures of their spouse on such a cool bridge?

Clearly we know who the funny one in this relationship is…

While we are on the subject of resistance, when you see this sign, it’s really hard to resist!

We decided this date could not end better than choosing two pieces each. I think you know you’re “soul mates” when you narrow it down to your top 3, and realize your top pick is the exact same thing. We both had considered each other’s 2nd choice as well! Two dark chocolate coconut clusters, one dark chocolate peanut butter pretzel bite, and one mint truffle make for a delicious treat!

And really, what a sweetheart for eating the last bites of mine so my blood-sugar didn’t tank from too much sugar too fast. It must have been such a sacrifice!

Thank you downtown Flagstaff for one amazing date night!


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