Football Fever

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It’s been such a busy fall season for us that we almost missed out on one of the greatest fall dates out there- football games! Last year we were given tickets to see the Cardinals play as well as ASU, where we met. We had a blast at both games, but have to honestly say there is something a little more enticing about the college and even the high school football scene to us. It’s great to see the heart that comes from unpaid players. It’s really fun to be a part of the crowd and dress up in the colors of the team and cheer, something not likely to happen in pro sports. We really wanted to hit a Friday night game at the high school Camille teaches at, but never made it. Luckily playoffs saved the day for our football game date night! Jacob’s younger brother is a senior and drove the 3 hour drive to come play his last football game of his high school career, and we didn’t want to miss it!
We went cheap- had dinner at Chick-Fil-A, and headed to the playoff game to cheer on Jacob’s high school team. We enjoyed the price- $8 a person and games are even cheaper if you aren’t going to the playoffs! We enjoyed sitting with family and chatting but made sure to have plenty of time to sit and giggle at the teenage antics and flirting that takes place in the crowd.
Even if you aren’t lucky enough to live within hours of your high school team or teach or have a high school student, high school games are a lot of fun to attend as a community member. You support your neighbors and help build programs that desperately need it.
We recommend this one- next year we’ll get out before the last minute and enjoy fall with some fun, cheap, local football games.

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