Frost Gelato

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Frost Gelato 
Price: $3-$6 per person 
Location: Many! Research your area. 
Website: Frost Gelato
We have a new must-try dessert place to add to your list. Frost Gelato has found a special place in our hearts! 
Frost Gelato
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Why Gelato is So Great

Gelato makes a great easy date night dessert. People love it, and for great reason! There’s a richer flavor than ice cream with fewer calories and sugar. Amazing flavor and an often better-for-you option, it really is hard to say no!

Gilbert Arizona Gelato

What You’ll Love About Frost Gelato

Frost Gelato makes some of the best flavors. We love classic flavors like stracciatella and salted caramel. But they do fruit sorbets and season flavors incredibly well! Plus they will let you try as many flavors as you’d like. There’s a chance we try about half, and they are still nice to us. This is a good sign!

Gilbert Arizona Frost Gelato

We love the location in Gilbert: the Frost Gelato San Tan Village is a fun outdoor mall location. There’s seating inside and outside. But I have to give fair warning, it can get incredibly crowded. We’d argue it’s worth the crowds! 

Frost Gelato

The chocolate hazelnut, salted caramel, mint chocolate chip, and lemon have special places in our hearts!

Frost Gelato San Tan Village

Their story is pretty charming as well. If you love a good college student hungry to start an excellent business, this is one you’ll love! The founders started in Tucson, Arizona. They found so much success with great recipes and a great concept. I’m happy to report Frost Gelato locations are popping up all over the place. There’s even several beyond Arizona! 

Make sure to add your next gelato date night to the calendar, and we’d highly recommend making it happen at Frost Gelato! 

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  1. Banana is my very favorite kind of gelato!! 🙂

  2. Miss Riss says:


  3. Alanna @ Alanna and Co says:

    That looks amazing! I usually buy Talenti gelato from the grocery store and that's my favorite, but I don't think they have even 1/4 of the flavors there!