Galentine’s Day Gifts for Her

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Galentine's day gifts for the ladies in your life.

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Ever since I watched Leslie Knope introduce Galentine’s Day, I’ve been the biggest fan of this new holiday! What is Galentine’s Day, it’s ladies celebrating ladies and enjoying time together with gal pals the day before Valentine’s Day. I’ve hosted Galentine’s Day parties, I’ve had low key days wishing friends well, and I’ve loved every minute! Galentine’s Day gifts make it so fun, and can you really honor your friends enough? Whether you’re a male reader looking for a Valentine’s Day gift idea for your wife or girlfriend, or a friend ready to get Galentine’s Day gift ideas for your Feb. 13th party, I’ve got you covered!
*This post contains affiliate links 

Here are some of my favorite Galentine’s Day gifts for her (or Valentine’s Day gifts for her too!)

  1. Incoco Nail Stickers.
    Not the first time I’ve mentioned these, and definitely not my last! I love that these are real nail polish, but a sticker you press on easily. They dry instantly and they last about two weeks. They have cute designs and patterns, and they’ll run you anywhere from $5-$9 a set. Every time I gift these they are so well received and ladies love them!
  2. Cute gold baking accessories and a dish towel.
    Shoutout to my friend Kayla who gifted this to me for my birthday this week. My friends all strong feminist women who proudly admit they love to bake. We all appreciate those cute accessories that make baking a little prettier. She gave me this cookie scoop, and I also love the measuring spoons too. Add a fun printed dish towel in their favorite color or red or pink, and you’re set with a darling gift!
  3. The Curated Closet.
    I haven’t met a single fashion-loving friend who hasn’t adored this title.
  4. A Pedicure.
    Either in gift card form or out on a girl’s night, this is something everyone loves. Even if you’re a plain no-polish type, a little foot massage and cleaning up feet and toes is a magical experience. It’s also the perfect bonding experience.
    Galentine's day gifts for the ladies in your life.
  5. A Framed Print.
    Consider this the grown-up friendship necklace, but a thoughtful quote in a cute design that says it all is a constant reminder of your friendship and bond. You can do this in all shapes and sizes, but here are several cute Galentine’s day gift prints to chose from.
  6. Simple, classic jewelry.
    There’s something about a necklace you’ll wear every day that makes it feel so special. Easy earrings work too. Find their favorite metal, and choose a simple design you know they’ll love.
  7. Statement earrings.
    These are trending big time, and it’s the perfect time for some bold red tassel earrings or an ear cuff for your gal pal to rock.
  8. Artisan Chocolate Truffles.
    There’s chocolate, and then there are artisan chocolate truffles. These are equal parts beautiful and delicious. They are worth every penny and always a hit!
  9. The Best Smelling Candle.
    Years ago I would have told you I’m not a candle person, but these changed me. They smell amazing, they are beautiful, and I’ve yet to meet a person who hasn’t fallen in love with them.
  10. The 52 Lists for Happiness.
    Your gal pal brings you a lot of happiness, gift this amazing project that helps her find more happiness in her life. You can also opt for the original The 52 Lists Project. Both are excellent gifts!

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