Gender Guess Time!

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It’s official, we are finding out this weekend and will reveal the gender next week. We’re so excited to start planning and referring to baby by name!

Now’s your chance- what do you think baby Whiting will be? Just for fun, feel free to add why you think that gender too!

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  1. Budget Splurge Beauty says:

    weee! I can't even pick! Hmmm. I think maybe a little boy 🙂

  2. I'm guessing boy, too! So happy for you! It's been a while since I've checked blogs and I went in reverse order and saw that you were 15 weeks along and I almost fell off my chair because I didn't know you were pregnant yet. Congratulations! You will be outstanding parents.

  3. Diana Longoria says:

    I think boy, will you be throwing a gender reveal party?

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