The Getty: Getaway in L.A.

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We asked our buddy John who grew up in L.A. what he would recommend doing if he only had a weekend, and he said without hesitation “The Getty.” I had visited the Villa, a different area with a smaller section of work owned by The Getty, and thought it would be similar.

The Getty is truly something amazing to experience! Not only is it free (well you have to pay to park), but the net worth of this place has to be a literal bajillion! We knew we’d see some amazing art, but had no idea we would experience all that we did!

Like Monets

And a room of Rembrandts

And perhaps the most exciting- a van Gogh! (Note: Camille used to teach a humanities unit on van Gogh and probably knows way more than any normal human beings should, and probably was way more excited than normal human beings should be as well!)

And there were many. many more!

We also enjoyed the view of L.A. from the hill in which The Getty is situated.


As well as the breathtaking gardens.

It was definitely a huge contrast from the population of people at Magic Mountain, and one we really welcomed. This should be a bucket-list visit for any art lovers. It was one of our new favorite dates!

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