Highlights of 2013

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2013- What a year! 
I’m actually sad to see this one go, it was a year of fulfilling my biggest bucket list items, changing to an amazing job, and lots of amazing memories! I’m grateful for all this year has given us, and with that said, here’s our top month-by-month events of 2013: 
January:We started our 12 Months of Dates for 2013 off with tickets to Barrett Jackson to see classic cars. There’s nothing more fun than watching a giddy Jacob, and that was his very state this entire date!

I also reached a large age milestone and had a huge epiphany the night before my birthday that lead to one late night writing and one of my favorite blog posts of 2013- In My Next 30 Years. And speaking of turning 30, my sister-in-law and my awesome husband planned the best themed surprise party of the century, my Dirty 30 Surprise Party was one of the funniest and best nights of my life!

February: I think the theme of this month was running! We had some dates hijacked to accommodate marathon training. We also fit in some races this month. The day of my 20 miler Jacob did the world’s sweetest and most romantic gesture at mile 15 that carried me through my last 5 miles. 

But our favorite date was hands down the Imagine Dragons concert. Watching them kick off their first headlining tour in Phoenix was just too cool!

March: Huge things happened this month when I ran my first marathon, and Jacob ran his first half marathon!

It took an entire week for us to be able to walk again, but the next weekend we were off to Sedona to celebrate our second anniversary!

And I think it should also be noted we went to the best concert of our lives this month, Muse was absolutely incredible! 
April:With Spring in full swing (see what I did there- alliterative!) we headed up to the mountains for a very romantic sunset picnic in the desert. Some of my favorite date pictures of all time belong to this post!

And our 12 Months of Dates for April happened after we’d missed Feb. and March- we loved seeing Beauty and the Beast!

May: We painted one of my favorite Van Gogh paintings at The Art of Merlot and loved every minute of it! We also did a lot of planning and packing and left for Europe at the very end of May.

June: London! France! Travel dreams came true this month as I saw a ridiculous amount of Van Gogh paintings, Shakespeare as he intended it performed, history in ways we haven’t seen before, and completely reconnected without phones or Internet access most the trip. The bucket list had a lot of checks this month!


(I still haven’t blogged the 2nd half of Paris, don’t worry, it’s a goal for 2014 to get it up in January- coming soon for sure!)
July:Just before I started my new awesome job (that I still feel so blessed to have), we headed to Utah for a quick getaway for the 4th of July. I loved being outside and not sweating, seeing my mountains again, soaking up childhood nostalgia, and showing Jacob where I grew up and went to college. 

We had our favorite group date ever doing some service and spending time with some of our favorite couples at Feed My Starving Children.

September:I had one of the busiest work seasons of my life this month, and we learned a lot about supporting each other! The night Jacob said let’s calm down and do one of your favorite things and relax was our perfect date. Star gazing with Google Sky did not disappoint!

 But I love that weeks later we can step it up again and have an 80’s-tastic time at an adult stake dance.

I think Jacob’s 30th should also get an honorable mention, $20 in quarters and his giddiness was something I’ll never forget! 
October: Our Murder Mystery Dinner Party started October off with a bang!

There were many parties this month, all were lots of fun! We had a great time representing our favorite show with our Halloween costumes and our friends at our friend’s annual party.

November: We had a great time dressing up and going to see The Lion King this month!

December: Is there anything more magical than Disneyland at Christmas? It was incredibly fun! (Oh, I just realized that’s a bad pun since the picture is us with Frozone. Leaving it!)

I hope you had an amazing 2013 too! Check our 2012 highlights HERE

Happy New Year!

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  1. Alicia Hanley says:

    Looks like you guys had a great year! Can't wait to see what 2014 brings you!

  2. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    I love this and especially like the ones that I can remember hearing about it person. And the stargazing picture in the desert made me miss Arizona sunsets! Always the best.

  3. Miss Riss says:

    So many fun things for you!! Bring on 2014!

  4. Siri Baxter says:

    I love how you guys are so good at dating! It's really inspirational! I made my hubby a year (one per month) of preplanned and prepaid dates for this next year, in hopes that it would help us balance dating with having our baby. I love looking on your blog for ideas! 🙂

  5. Aw thanks Siri, you're so kind! I'm glad you did it, it's one of the best gifts you can give in my opinion. It really will create such a fun year for you!

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