Highlights of 2014

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I am sure I’m not alone sitting here thinking- 2014 is OVER? Time flies by and it’s amazing how quickly we skip from one year to the next! 
2014 has been a great year, with a lot of blessings and fun memories. I love looking back through our pictures and posts and reflecting on the good times had. I couldn’t resists recapping some highlights month by month. 
We rang in the New Year with dear friends at a mocktail party
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I also went to Alt Summit and learned a lot about blogging and made some great friends! We also celebrated my birthday this month. 
We kicked off the joys of Jacob traveling for work by getting a companion pass for me to fly wherever he flies for free. We’ve used his frequent flyer points well and taken many domestic trips in 2014, and that’s probably how I’ll remember this year best! Our first was to Utah for Valentine’s Day to see our BFF singer/songwriter Catherine Papworth with her band Book on Tapeworm. We surprised her and showed up, shouting “We love you Catherine!” when she walked on stage. They toured with Mindy Gledhill, who we also got to see and meet. 
This may be our favorite month! It’s the peak of running season, the weather in AZ is perfect, and we have our anniversary. Three years of happiness were celebrated in 2014. 
Jacob joined the marathon club, and I added another half to resume. 
We went on an anniversary trip one month late, and worked it with flights again. Seattle was beautiful, sunny, and completely won over our hearts on this weekend trip. Dinner on top of The Space Needle was something I’ll never forget! 

Perfect summer weather is here for only a month, and we enjoyed being outside before we hit triple digits. I love stargazing, it may be my favorite date. I’m so glad we hit the meteor shower just right this year. I also had a blast at Elevate Blog Conference.

This month brought another getaway in Utah! I flew up to Alt Summer to speak, which was an amazing experience! Jacob joined me after for a weekend of friends and fun. We attended our first rodeo together in Pleasant Grove with some of our favorite people, and we also went bobsledding on an Olympic track! 
If that wasn’t enough fun, we enjoyed seeing some family in Spokane for another getaway this month. 
We escape the heat and rented a cabin in Greer, Arizona, and hit up small town 4th of July celebrations in Springerville. It was charming, patriotic, and we really enjoyed seeing most of the Whiting family while there! 
This may be one of the most memorable months of our lives! We fulfilled Jacob’s biggest bucket list item by spending seven days in Peru and seeing Machu Picchu! 

We used the rest of our vacation days to spend Labor Day weekend in Washington D.C. I’ve been a terrible blogger and only posted a few posts on this- more coming soon, I promise!

We had a quick weekend trip to Burbank for Jacob to finish up some work, and we went to Six Flags that evening. 
We loved attending our favorite Couple’s Annual Halloween Party, this time complete with one of our favorite costumes. Marty and Doc, which is particularly appropriate since 2015 is the year they traveled to the future for! 
We stayed home this month to enjoy the perfect AZ weather and time with family and friends. We still fit in some fun dates, our favorite being our group date to the Biltmore Movie in the Park
We embraced the holidays as much as we could with busy work schedules. Every weekend we tried to do something festive, and our favorite was the romantic stroll through the Desert Botanical Gardens Las Noches de Las Luminarias
We are excited to start 2015 off with friends and family. We can’t wait to see what this year has in store! 
Happy New Year’s Eve to all our dear readers, thank you for spending time with us and for all you’ve given us in 2014! 
Love, The Whitings 

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  1. Here Dwells Happiness says:

    Love it!

  2. Marie-Philippe Gill says:

    It seems like a really great year for you guys. Love!

  3. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    Does it not feel like this year went by in two seconds??? I can't believe how some of this stuff feels like you just posted about it yesterday. WHERE IS THE TIME GOING

  4. Miss Riss says:

    You had such a fantastic year! And I'm jealous of all your trips!! I also need to take inventory of all your fantastic date ideas 😉