I’m on YouTube- Plus a Kitchen Organization Video

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Have I ever mentioned I’m on YouTube? It was casual, it was not very frequent, and it was on my personal account. And then I made a few videos and I’ve been learning a lot lately, and posting more, and some people have come and subscribed- hooray! If you want to see more in video form come join me HERE.

Today I did more vlogging than blogging, so thought I’d mention that. And for anyone looking for a cool organization idea, I teamed up with Creative Options and now have my spice cabinet totally tamed! I’ll embed it, but if you’re reading from a viewer, here’s the link:

I hope to see you on YouTube- if you head over leave me a comment and let me know you found me!

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One Comment

  1. Brooke @ Silver Lining says:

    Love this (like everything you do). I'm just starting to foray into the world of videos, and it's been such a fun little evening project to learn more about. 🙂