Infant Potty Training and Hilarious Distractions

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Infant Potty Training Distractions
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I will write an entire post on infant potty training- I promise! I wanted to test the water with our little guy first and wait until he’s officially one to share what we’ve tried, how it’s worked, and why we love it. If you haven’t heard of it it’s essentially introducing the toilet to your baby within the first few months of life, and there are varying degrees of how often they use it and when. But for today, let me just tell you that we decided to try infant potty training and Mack is very used to the toilet at this phase, and something he uses at least once a day.

So naturally, we are cutting down on diapers and wipes, but we are going through toilet paper a lot faster these days!

I love stocking up on toilet paper, I have irrational fears about running out. But really, is there a worse item to be out of during a zombie apocalypse? I really don’t want it to be the item that forces me out of the house should that day come! This is one of the many reasons I’m a huge fan of using my Amazon Prime membership to get a subscription delivery. I love the value, the coupons (15% coupon now so you can save 30% if you have 5 subscriptions). It’s flexible, I can change the day or skip a month if needs be. But I mostly love that it’s conveniently delivered to my door before I run low and I don’t have to lug around large packages.

I’m loving the Quilted Northern subscription pack. The rolls are super large- 4x more sheets than regular rolls, which not only makes us stocked up, but I have to change the roll less frequent now too. The super large size worried me at first (will you fit my friend?) but Quilted Northern provides a roll extender free of charge should you need one. It’s super high quality, and super soft as well. Plus they are ninjas with packaging. It takes up 20% less space in your home, and the box size is 25% reduced too to help the environment. WINNING!

So these tricks are making me feel much better about my little man’s tricks.

Sometimes when he lets us know it’s time to go he isn’t quite ready, gets distracted, and tries to jump off before he does his business. We’ve learned to let him play with the shower curtain, hold a toy, and especially roll the toilet paper. Sometimes we joke there isn’t much difference between the baby and a cat at this moment in time, but it’s still cracking us up. Luckily we got it on film!

So there’s are start to infant potty training. So far so good- so long as there’s a roll of toilet paper ready to play with at any given moment!

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  1. Arthur C. Jackson says:

    I was a mother of 3 kids. Infant potty training is very hard for me since I can’t convince them to do it. But because of you, I understand the step by step procedure to make it. Thanks to you.

  2. Lindsay at Crazy Organized says:

    How hilarious! Your little one is sooooo cute! I guess toilet paper is a fun toy :). I have the same front door rug as you!

  3. Shop Toilet says:

    hahaa… cute baby 😉

    Matt Mertz

  4. Haha those toilet paper rolls make for good play time I bet!

  5. What an interesting concept – it definitely grabbed my attention! And I share your irrational fear of running out of TP!

  6. Kori Tomelden says:

    My toddler has shown a little bit of interest in potty training but not too much yet. And if she's in no rush, I'm in no rush.

  7. Joe wanted to potty train Bensen on day 3 😉 I'll be interested to hear your experience on this when you get to the point of posting details!