Instagram: 30 Days of Gratitude Photo Challenge 13-24

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Day 13: written words : thankful for one very sweet and very funny husband
Day 14: movement: grateful for running, it keeps me sane… and stretching so I can still walk!
Day 15: technology: thankful for a new laptop after a year of one that didn’t work well. Worth the sacrifice to pay off student loans, but thankful for a great piece of technology now!
Day 16: animals : at least I like them in books! Grateful for my sister’s cute kids I’m hanging with @barnesandnoble
Day 17: memories : I’ll always hold this as one of the greatest memories I had teaching in Utah. On teacher appreciation day my yearbook kids did this to my car. This picture cracks me up every time I see it and makes me thankful for the opportunity to teach such great kids.
Day 18: something new: thankful for Black Friday sales! I’ve always saved new shirts for Fridays, even as a child. Excited to finally wear this!
Day 19: best friend : oh Ashley, you’re the funniest girl I know! I love that we lived together in college, quote the same movies, dressed in the same colors on accident almost every day, had no drama, and still call at least once a month 7 years later. You were the first person I told I was being abused to, the girl who always let me cry on your shoulder, the friend i talk fertility problems with, and the one who called I’d marry Jacob the night I met him. Not everyone is so lucky, that’s why BFF wasn’t good enough my BFFAE! (And ever) I’m grateful for all you add to my life! 
Day 20: seasonal : grateful for Thanksgiving pies, and for a husband who missed his Mom’s apple pie so much he came home, called her for directions, and made one himself.

Day 21: where you sleep : grateful for shelter, a comfy bed, and my favorite room! 

Day 22: clothing : thankful for to live in such a great place to shop. My super cheap fashion loving soul can always find great threads! Loving my new $5 skirt.
Day 23: in your closet : OCD color organization since I plan outfits by color. Grateful for this form of creative and artistic expression in my life! 
Day 24: gratitude : I never dreamed a boy like Jacob would exist. He is proof that blessings come after trials. I couldn’t have been luckier and thank God everyday for him!

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