Investment Shoe Buying Rules and My Favorite Nordstrom Sale Shoe Roundup

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Investment shoes worth splurging on- and a roundup on the half of NSale

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Earlier this week I shared my blue jean blues story of gaining weight unexpectedly during an infertility treatment and investing in a decent pair during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I ended up buying three, and I’ve been a jean fan ever since buying higher quality and looking at them as an investment.

There are a few other things I think are totally worth the splurge in investing in with fashion and beauty, and I have mini stories for each plus some more picks that I adore that are worth looking into while they are on such great sale the next two weeks! First up on this list that I’m covering today is shoes with my take on investment shoe buying rules and criteria.

(This post contains affiliate links)

I wore a lot of $2 Old Navy flip-flops in high school, I even wore them to prom! But my mom who has arthritis and varicose veins used to caution me that even young I should wear shoes with better support. She took me to the Nordstrom sale for back-to-school my sophomore year and bought me a pair of Doc Marten sandals, which were all the rage at the time. And yes, I’m aware I have dated myself as an early 2000’s high schooler. Those sandals were worn almost every day with flip-flops mixed in, and they were worth every penny- particularly at half off! A black pair was purchased to compliment the brown the following year, and I wore those shoes until they were so out of style it was just time to say goodbye. Quality shoes make your feet feel amazing, give support, look better, and tend to hold up much better.

Investment shoes worth splurging on- and a roundup on the half of NSale

I’m at the phase of my life that it’s rare I buy a cheap pair without much support, my body just doesn’t thank me for wearing those. When I buy boots I’m all about quality, and I have a leather pair from Nordstrom I’ve owned a decade now and worn all winter, and they are still looking amazing! When I buy flats I look for leather and enough support to let me walk some miles comfortably in. When I look for heels I look for quality, comfort, style, and a pair I know I’ll wear often like my favorite Italian red leather heels!

Between the shoes, I’ve spent a little more on, and the about half off sale right now, it’s hard not to make the investment! I find myself gravitating towards shoes that have the criteria I listed above. I’ll break these rules, but it’s rare! So as I look to fall and updating my shoe collection my eyes are on booties and boots with a few flats and some great walking shoes I can take with us on our upcoming Europe trip.

Here are a bunch of my favorites that fit that bill that I have my eye on! I’d love your help picking a pair, I’m ready to make an order for my next investment shoes!



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  1. I agree with your mom…a good pair of shoes is worth everything. I have learned the hard way but every now and then I still wear a pair of Old Navy flip flops but I pay later.