It’s All Worth It

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It’s a little insane to think about how we spent our days and evening before we had kids. I mean pretty much every night was date night, if we weren’t cleaning or working late. How different life becomes when you spend most your days cleaning up after a tiny human who we sometimes refer to as a The Tasmanian Devil- a little whirlwind that seems to make a mess of an area in less than three seconds! There’s so many more chores, clean up, and overall responsibilities that it’s hard to grasp until you’re in the thick of it. I keep thinking of all the empty nesters I know and how they describe life as so quiet, and too mellow. I think I’m on the inverse of that transition, I went from quiet mellow days to adjusting to the chaos- and it is an adjustment! But one I know I will miss one day.


I am not complaining! We wanted this baby for years, our lives are so much richer, our love for him and each other is so much deeper, it’s just that you don’t stop to think how much of your life will be diaper changes, scrubbing food off items, wiping faces and hands, spot treating carpet, etc. when you hear you’re expecting.

What is downright baffling is how much you forget that 90% of your time with your child can be filled with chores, because that 10% with those special moments makes you stop and think “It’s All Worth It!”

With Father’s Day this weekend, I’ve been reflecting on what an amazing experience parenthood is, and what an amazing father Jacob is in both responsibilities and in enjoying the little moments. He can be folding laundry one minute, with sleep-deprived eyes and that weight of so much to do on his face, and then hear a little voice say “Da Da Da” and I can see the puddle he’s melted into. He often stops what he’s doing to turn and smile, to talk back, to play with the baby for a few minutes, and then he turns back to the laundry with a big smile and a completely different demeanor. There’s nothing like the first time you hear your child call you mom or dad.

I keep thinking of the first time we heard laughs from our baby. We both almost died of pure joy. A baby giggle is one of the sweetest sounds in the world, and it never gets old. You’d better believe every day we’re making complete fools of ourselves to get that child to let out some giggles!

The first time your baby reaches up and legit hugs you is another moment that you think how it’s all worth it- and you basically forgive them for throwing their bowl of oatmeal on you and ruining your outfit and hair for the day.

Somehow these little moments make you feel completely even to every task they create for you.

We’ve teamed up with Gerber to share these little moments that make us say it’s all worth it- and we’d love to hear, what’s one of your moments you’ve experienced as a parent/aunt/caregiver?

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  1. Lindsay Satmary says:

    Such cute photos!

  2. Amber Battishill says:

    It's so funny! My husband and I were just talking about how much free time we had before kids! All the time in the world… I miss that freedom, but love this #momlife more than anything.

  3. It's definitely all worth it!!!