Jacob’s Birthday Date: How $20 in Quarters Made Him the Happiest Man on Earth

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I am so excited to post about my favorite date of the year- the one where we celebrate the birth and life my favorite boy in the history of ever! Jacob’s birthday always means great food, finding gifts just for him, and watching him turn red from all the attention- PERFECTION! 
This year I decided to try a new place we’d heard many rave reviews about- The White Chocolate Grill
 They had dark, romantic lighting and were completely packed- both signs we had made a great choice! 
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 We also knew they were known for amazing desserts, so we tried to go a little healthier with dinner. 
I ordered the Blackened Mahi, which had creole sauce and crab on top- it was seriously divine! The Israeli Couscous was equally excellent. 
Best fake smile award goes to…
Jacob toyed with the Barbecued Baby Back Ribs, not his usual item to order. When he asked the waitress she told him she’s not typically a barbecue person, but these ribs were something she absolutely adored. He was sold, and consequently ate what he described as “The best ribs of my life.” I ate a bite, and I’d agree, they were the so so so good! 

 He tried to save room for dessert, but he couldn’t stop himself! 
 Of course dessert has to happen on your birthday, so we got a menu and drooled over everything. 
 We limited it down the cheesecake and the famous White Chocolate Brownie. I told Jacob it was his birthday so choose whichever he’d like! The waitress overheard this, and guess what, she surprised us with both! 
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 I’m here to tell you the brownie was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. 
But the cheesecake wasn’t far behind! 
After we finished our dessert, Jacob thought we were done for the evening and this would be his night out. Oh boy was he wrong, I had a huge surprise up my sleeve! 
You see this was the big 3-0 for Jacob, and he wasn’t doing well with the idea of leaving his 20’s behind. I knew dinner and our activity had to be something really exciting. We even thought about a trip, but my job kept me unable to take a day or two off. So, I was left to get creative and think about something Jacob loves that would make for one of the best nights of his life. I’m proud to say I nailed it. Please enjoy this movie I titled “Jacob’s Birthday Surprise” which accurately captures the gift and his feelings about it. 
Trust me, it’s worth 2 minutes of your life. Seriously guys, you’re going to feel like you’re watching a Make a Wish fulfillment here. 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZIbTMm8Nzs]

And so it was that we drove all over the Phoenix Metro letting Jacob indulge in any and every claw game he could find. 

 And there was winning of all kinds of treasures. Yes, we’ll go with treasures. Everyone needs an NY Giants plush probably human made in China, right? (And this was only the start)
 You know how some engineers do card counting in Vegas? I feel like this is what Jacob does. He calculates angels and electric power in his head, and he’s able to do things normal people can’t. 

 The giddy excitement made this one of the funnest nights of my life- there’s nothing I love more than watching this boy being totally happy! 
Claw game date
And that is the story of Jacob’s birthday date, and how $20 in quarters made him the happiest man on  for a night. 

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  1. Thanks for posting the video! That was awesome! What a clever idea. So thoughtful if you! I loved your husband’s reaction! Priceless 🙂

  2. Camille,
    Thanks for adding the video. I was sitting here at home with this delirious grin and giddy myself watching the whole thing unfold. What a wonderful gift YOU have for thoughtfulness.

  3. Thanks Siri! And for real, do it! It was so fun to watch him so giddy for a night!

  4. What- SERIOUSLY? We will start looking for one! How cool would that be???

  5. I'm so glad you laughed at this. And thanks for confirming it wasn't too much of a stretch for MAW! I love how excited this boy gets, and seriously, doesn't video blogging add lots to understand the moment? I'm kind of in love with Vlogging lately!

    PS, you became noreply again- what the?

  6. Oh.my.precious. SO CUTE. What a good idea, Camille! Did you find any claw machines that had iPads in them? I keep hearing about them. If not, you should probably find one, because he'd probably win it – Mr. Engineer! iPad for $1! 🙂

  7. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    I'm seriously dying. Look, I worked for Make-A-Wish and I can tell you this reaction was on par. ahahah. “TONIGHT?!” <-- that was my favorite part

  8. Siri Baxter says:

    This has got to be the greatest idea ever! My husband has the same exact obsession! Every single time we see one, he wants to play so badly, though he never begs. He walks around the machine when he plays and checks every angle and always wins something! Seriously I have got to do this for him! Awesome idea!