How Your Junk Drawer Can Help You Make Some Extra Money

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We are all about making Friday (or Saturday) our regular date night! And although free dates and cheap dates can be amazing, we’re also fans of fun activities that can cost a pretty penny.
In our newlywed phase, we were both just starting careers, and I was paying off my grad school student loans. We’d made this project to go out once a week no matter what, and more than ever we needed to watch our budget. And even though student loans are long paid off and that phase of life is behind us, I’ll always be grateful for it! It really taught us to be resourceful in finding extra money. Yes, mostly for date night, but we’ve had phases where we’ve needed to inflate other budgets and it’s been amazing to learn to look for easy ways to earn a little extra income.

How Your Junk Drawer Can Help You Make Some Extra money

I was so excited to learn a really cool trick to help inflate your budget! Let me share how your junk drawer can help you make some extra cash! And I don’t just mean rummaging for loose change, we’re talking a really great service!

Do you have a spare phone in one of your junk drawers or a random electronics bin/drawer? I was surprised to look through ours and find two! I’d completely forgotten about them! Here’s how you can turn those into a payout!

  • Start by visiting Trademore’s How Much Is My Phone Worth? page to quickly find out how much you can get for trading-in your phone. It’s easy! Also, they offer very competitive offers.
    The offer you received is locked for 30 days, so you can trade with confidence!
  • From there Trademore will send you a free, pre-packaged and pre-paid box. They will also send you instructions to send in your device.
  • Once your device is received and processed, you’ll receive payment in the form of a Virtual MasterCard® Gift Card or PayPal payment.

In addition to phones, you can trade-in tablets and smartwatches. So if you have electronics you aren’t using, it’s such an easy way to make some money.

I love this idea for helping turn items I’m not using into a gift.

But it’s a pretty beautiful thing to have options like this to help inflate a date night budget! Hello making it possible to afford that splurge night out!

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