Las Vegas Getaway: Brunch at Jean Philippe in The Bellagio

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We decided at least one fancy brunch was in order while we stayed in The Bellagio. Ever since we had our first taste of crepes in France we’ve both been big fans of crepes done right for any meal.
The Jean Philippe Patisserie caught our eye on day 1 and we knew we’d be stopping by! It rewarded us well.
I went with the buckwheat ham, cheese, and a egg crepe.
Crepes at The Bellagio
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Oh my, it was awesome!
We had a hard time deciding- everything looked delicious and fresh!


But when I saw I could watch them make it before my eyes, I was totally sold on a crepe!

We really loved just standing in line, watching the chocolate fountains overhead was pretty beautiful. And it probably took every ounce of will power to not order fine chocolates for breakfast.

Good thing Jacob pulled through with his ability to eat sugar for breakfast without falling asleep 30 minutes later; and dove right into the chocolate, ordering a chocolate Nutella banana crepe. Just look at the beauty that was his breakfast!
Crepes at The Bellagio, Breakfast at the Bellagio

And when you find a fancy nook by the Bellagio Gardens, with this hot guy saving you a spot, you enjoy one romantic brunch date.

Brunch Date

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  1. Pamela Macdonald says:

    I am seriously drooling looking at these photos! What gorgeous, yummy looking food!
    That nutella banana crepe photo is killing me!!

    Looks & sounds like such a fun time! 😀 I could picture myself lookin' totally awesome just staring up at those chocolate fountains forever 😉

  2. Mmmmm…. It all looks sooooo good. : D


  3. Miss Riss says:

    OMG. So. Much. Nutella. And I'm super jealous about it!! Hahaha! Looks like an adorable brunch spot!

  4. You should do it sometime- so much fun!

  5. Nutella may be the secret to happiness, don't you think?