Las Vegas Getaway: Las Vegas Temple

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Date Info: 
Price: Temple- Free
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Time: 2 Hours for temple session
A year and a half ago we had our Bucket-list Date, where we came up with a list of things we want to do together before we die. One of these items was to visit 50 LDS temples together. Everywhere we’ve traveled we’ve tried hard to fit one in. It turns out 50 is quite a bit! And while in Vegas, we couldn’t help but hit up our 6th together.
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It was honestly a nice break from the Strip and other aspects of Vegas. We loved doing a session together while we got a break from our busy lives back home.

And seriously, this building is gorgeous.



If you’re keeping track, here’s the others we’ve been to:

2. Snowflake, AZ
6. Las Vegas, NV

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  1. Sierra Charlesworth says:

    This is one of our goals together too!!!