Mary Coyle Ice Cream Parlor

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We love hitting up places in Phoenix and the West Valley when Jacob’s brother Tyler and sister-in-law Whitney come to town. How could we turn down the idea to hit up a vintage ice cream parlor on one of their last nights in town?
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 We had never heard of Mary Coyle, but now I think we’re big fans that would recommend this to anyone for a great place to double, triple, or even take a huge crowd to for date night.
 You could go on a single date here too, the 50’s vibe complete with poodle skirted waitresses make the ambiance all kinds of fun.
 The main attraction is definitely the ice cream- so many flavors and combinations! You can get something small if you want, or get a chest of ice cream called “The Grand Canyon” that weighs 11 lbs!
 May all our children get the Whiting boy metabolism- tall skinny boys that can order a 6 scoop sundae and down it no problem, without an ounce gained.


 Jacob went “conservative” with a brownie sundae with only 2 scoops.
Whitney loves banana ice cream, and with strawberries- it’s excellent!
 And I got a 3 scoop banana split- which was way more than I could finish!
 And if you can drink the remains of your 6 scoops of ice cream, you know you’ve found a winner place to visit!


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  1. Miss Riss says:

    This looks awesome!! Is it downtown?? I'm so bad about visiting places downtown or in the West Valley cause I'm in the East Valley; I don't neccessarily mind driving, I just always forget to look there for cool things! So it's always good to find new things from your blog! =)

  2. Life with Amberly says:

    This place looks like so much fun! A great atmosphere for a great date! 🙂

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