Mexican Food and Doubt

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Date Info:

Doubt- presented by local theater and dinner at Mangos 
Price: $20 for dinner, $30 for tickets to the play 
Location: Mesa, Arizona 

The title of this post may sound a bit funny, but you’ll soon see these items are a perfect pairing!

While pregnant I couldn’t get over the craving for Mexican food. Now that I’m not pregnant, I still can’t seem to shake it. I really think cravings during pregnancy were just normal food preferences intensified!

I had one night I just really needed nachos and really wanted to go to our favorite Mexican joint in Mesa- Mangos. It’s in the heart of downtown right by the new light rail stop and it’s a must try if you’re in Arizona and want some awesome Mexican food! I’m so lucky I had a husband who always let me choose what to eat while pregnant. I often passed that choice back to him, but sometimes this girl just needed her nachos!

I think the perfect date night while you’re pregnant is a play. It’s something you likely won’t have time to sit through for several months after the baby comes, and it’s easy on your worn out third trimester body!

We love supporting local theater, and love supporting one of our dear friends who is an actor by trade. He’s so talented and is picky about the roles he takes, so we know we’re in for a great show whenever he graces us with his talents.

Tickets were purchased not knowing much about Doubt, and then when we researched it we were a little worried we’d purchased a R-rated play since there is adult content regarding a priest and his morality with teenage boys. I have to say it’s actually a clean play with an adult theme. It’s meant to make you think and to question whether he is innocent or not. My goodness our friend Marshall killed it with this role and we spent a solid hour with him and other friends we ran into talking about it, and we spent more time in the car and at home debating our thoughts. We liked it so much we committed ourselves to watch the film version and enjoy the talent of the three huge names who won several awards for their parts.

Anything that really makes us think deeply and sparks some awesome conversation is a winner in our book!

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  1. Aw, what a fun night! And now I really could go for some nachos… I should probably eat something. haha

  2. Nachos are pretty dang amazing! Now I'm craving some Mexican food. Jacob's looks delicious too! We just ate at Blue Iguana in Park City a couple of weekends ago and it was amazing 🙂