My 5-A-Day on Queasy Days

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I’m trying so hard to eat healthy throughout this pregnancy, and to fit in my 5-A-Day with fruits and veggies. I recently had a friend ask on Facebook what people ate when they felt queasy, and I had one person’s comment stick with me- “Naked Juice! It’s easy down, you get the nutrients you need, and if you have to have something come back up it’s the easiest thing that won’t taste bad!”

As we’ve heated up to the hundred and teen range in Arizona, and queasy is on the rise in my life, I’ve been extra grateful for that tip and I’ve found it to be absolutely true!

I have found myself taking many pictures and texting Jacob that I’m grateful for this breakfast on busy mornings when I’m not feeling the best. It’s awesome to put something cold in my body that doesn’t add sugar or preservatives, and uses fresh ingredients.

The newest products like Berry Almond Nutmilk, Chia Sweet Peach, and Kale Blazer offer a delicious blend of fruits and veggies, and pack a nutritional punch. The Berry Almond Nutmilk is a non-dairy smoothie blend combining the goodness of fruit, almond milk, and soy protein to deliver 11g of plant protein per bottle. I love that it’s helping me get the 72 grams of a protein I need a day in addition to helping my plant intake.
I love that you can find these pretty much anywhere, so there’s always a help to eat healthy on the go. Last month we were in New York for a day and a half, on our way home from Italy, and I was craving a green smoothie in the worst way. I wish you could see the ledge of the bushes in front of me, because my green Naked Juice was seriously right in front of me!

I’m so grateful for products that go with me on my way to work, while traveling, and when I need a quick breakfast on queasy days. If you’re pregnant and not feeling your best but needing to watch your nutrition, or someone just trying to eat healthier on the go, this is the best tip I have to help you out!

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