My Favorite Guy’s Birthday

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As I’m prepping to share the big 1st Birthday event we had for Mack on Monday, I’m sitting here with a tinge of guilt that I never shared a big post about my very favorite guy’s birthday. My boys are only a week apart, and so far the birth of a child and first birthday have sadly over shadowed Jacob. Combine this with the fact we were traveling and catching a flight on his birthday, and I just felt like the worst wife ever having to delay any form of celebration.

The good news is, this chaotic day of travel lead to a lot of small moments of celebration, and in a way, I think that’s more Jacob’s style anyway!

Here’s a few details of the big guy’s celebrations:

1. We went up to Utah for a quick weekend. It’s a religious time for us the first weekend of October, and sometimes we like to head up to our church headquarters. Jacob served a two year service mission after high school to Bolivia, and he really wanted to spend the weekend at a reunion with others who were there serving when he was taking place that very weekend. Jacob is the most loyal human alive, and he sure loves and cherishes friends no matter how much time has passed. I was happy to see fall leaves and give him a trip for his birthday instead of more presents.

And selfishly, I was really excited to see my great aunt who is more like a grandma to me. She was best friends with one of her siblings, who happens to be my great-grandpa and the man we named my son after. It was really special to let her meet little Mack and tell him how much she loved Big Mack while he was alive. I’m pretty sure I’ll cherish this picture forever.

We spent a full weekend of quality time together, and I think at the end of the day, that’s Jacob’s favorite gift of all.

Of course I couldn’t let us get back without taking him out to eat, and he kept it easy on me and chose Grimaldi’s. They have the best pizza, and we adore the Brooklyn Bridge. If you didn’t know, you can sign up to get a free pizza on your birthday at Grimaldi’s, and here’s the Grimaldi’s birthday sign up. Bonus points for them for giving about a week and a half you can use it, so if you miss your actual birthday you can still go celebrate.

Grimaldi's Birthday Pizza Arizona

I also love to give Jacob a date, and at least one or two clothing items. His work dress code is business formal most of the time, so ties, shoes, dress socks, dress shirts, and belts are always a good idea. I went with this tie, and these socks.

I also had a really cool company reach out to me and ask if they could help me give Jacob something for his birthday. If you haven’t heard of Mission Belts, you should check them out! Super high quality belts, very stylish, real leather, very affordable, and their name comes from the fact they are on a mission to give back a portion of every sale to fight poverty and hunger. I love that they do that, but I also love their design so you know you’re getting a perfect fit. That’s what sold me fast, I knew my tall skinny husband who wears a belt every day would love the adjustable high quality belt. It’s something I would have bought myself, and I so glad I got to mention them and give my husband a gift he loves and now wears every single day!

And guys, we’re teaming up to give one away over on Instagram today- it’s running for the next week, so head on over and enter to get one excellent holiday gift!

belt C/O Mission Belts

So there’s the low-key birthday. But Jacob, I promise next year you’re going to get my normal mantra “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing” with an epic date night for the books 🙂

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  1. The Life You Love Blog says:

    I bet Jacob absolutely loved every bit of his birthday and celebration! That pizza looks delicious and that tie looks great. How sweet is that picture of Mack and his great aunt? You will absolutely cherish that forever.