National Marriage Week on Instagram

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Happy National Marriage week!

There’s few things more heart-warming than seeing a picture of a happy couple on their wedding day, and hearing how they are even more in love as time goes on. I have high hopes that Instagram can be a place this week that reminds us there’s a lot of happiness in marriage, and that there’s a lot of married couples that still got it!

If you’re a happily married soul, find a wedding picture you love, post it on Instagram, and use the hashtag #nationalmarriageweek and/or #marriedcouplesthatstillgotit so we can continue to spread the love and remind each other there’s still a lot of long-term, happy, committed love in this world!

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  1. Brita Long says:

    Such a cute blog! I love that you and your husband commit to a weekly date night.

    I would love to have you link up some of your posts this month with my daily blogging challenge #LoveBlog. Today's prompt is Perfect Date. Tomorrow's is Role Models. Or you can join the Instagram challenge, with similar prompts!

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  2. High Style says:

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