New Year’s Eve- Ringing in 2012


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Date Info: 
Comedy Club Holiday Themed Night 
Price: $25-$50 
Location: Any comedy club, we’re at Jester’z in Scottsdale 
Happy New Year!
We had a lot of fun ringing in 2012

 Even if it took us two tries to figure out the 2012 thing….(no, we don’t drink alcohol, we promise)

 We went to Jester’z about 6 months ago and laughed our heads off, and figured it would be a great place to ring in the new year. We watched an improv comedy show until midnight and then had a countdown, followed by breakfast of crepes and waffles. It was seriously one funny night with a great party after the show! We enjoyed the show even more with friends as this made a great group date. They offer group discounts, so if you head to comedy shows make sure you ask- you could get a great deal 🙂

 Happy 2012!

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  1. What a fun idea for New Years! And…not New Years. Ima have to go there soon.

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