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It’s officially February…which sends me into the zone that says- 2 weeks until Valentine’s Day, don’t blow it this year! Jacob and I had been friends for about 8 months before we started dating officially. We were one of those couples that made it official about a week before Valentine’s Day. That can be make Valentine’s awfully awkward wondering how much or how little to do. I erred on the side of caution and gave something little, like movie tickets. Jacob sent me a really sweet card, a large floral delivery, and took me out for a really nice meal. You have no idea how sheepish I felt saying, “Um, here’s some discount movie tickets.” I vowed to never mess up Valentine’s Day again!
Last year I was in my MBA program doing a lot of reading and homework, prepping for trimester finals, and getting ready for our wedding in 4 weeks. I knew that no matter how busy I was I needed to let Jacob know I was willing to do something thoughtful, even though I didn’t have time to so much as frequent a store during normal hours. Then I decided to do something I have kind of done before and make a mushy song playlist, only this time with a twist!
I came up with 14 songs that I thought had personal meaning to our relationship or specifically reminded me of our relationship. The 14 is for Valentine’s Day, and each song I thought should have a handwritten description of why I chose it to make it personal.
Here’s a look at what my playlist last year:
  Valentine’s Day (2011) Playlist:
   Songs that remind me of our relationship
1.     Thank You For Loving Me- Bon Jovi
2.     Marry Me- Train
3.     History In the Making- Darius Rucker
4.     Stolen- Dashboard Confessional
5.     Tonight and Forever- The Damnwells
6.     Unforgetable- Nat King Cole
7.     The One- Gary Allen
8.     To Make You Feel My Love- Adele
9.     Question- Old 97’s
10. Did You Think- Adrina Thorpe
11. Friday I’m In Love- Catherine Papworth
12. L-O-V-E- Nat King Cole
13.1,2,3,4- The Plain White T’s
14.Bubbly- Colbie Caillet
1. You put up with a lot, and I don’t thank you enough for loving me and always helping me with my busy schedule. 
2. Remember when you asked me that in October? That was cool! And I’m thrilled we plan to work on it and make it “today and everyday.”
3. We’re getting married- forever- holy “History In the Making” Batman! I’m glad we’re each other’s last kiss and the events that have shaped the past year and the next will all be big elements to our personal history.
4. I knew there was something different about you when I met you. It took us a while to fall in love, but your kindness and amazing personality stole my heart as someone I respected and wanted to be around instantly.
5. *Too personal to put on Blogger 🙂 
6. You were the boy who never asked me out and I wrote off, and yet always wanted around. You really are a once in a lifetime type of guy and I’m I never could forget you no matter how hard I tried!
7. This pretty much sums up our story of starting to date. Thanks for picking up a broken heart, being patient, and never giving up on me until I realized you were Mr. Right for me!
8. I feel like this is the attitude we both take. We’ve sacrificed a lot to be together, and I hope you know “there ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t do, to make you feel my love.”
9. Remember that time you took me to a part and asked me that question? What an amazing day!
10. *Too personal to put on Blogger 🙂  
11. Remember when our amazing musician friend wrote us a song for our wedding? I’m so excited to hear it on that day live, and I’m so excited to start our official Friday night date plan together!
12. I love the playful but sincere tone of this song. I don’t think one describes our personalities together and our relationship better!
13. Remember right after we’d said “the L word” and this song came on when you walked me to my car and seat belted me in and turned and sang the part “I love you!” to me? I still smile whenever I hear this song.
14. I know you won’t remember this, but that fateful night that we met at that cheesy dance and we finally decided to quit just talking but to also dance, this was the first song we ever danced to.
So there it is, the personal, cheap, romantic gift that this not-so-romantic girl came up with. My husband told me the other day he rarely listens to his Ipod, but usually when he wants to listen to music in his car aside from radio, he reaches for this CD and smiles.
You’d better believe I’m working on volume II for 2012!
What about you, any great Valentine’s gift plans?

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