Perfect Last Minute Easter Dress

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Since becoming a mom I’ve become very good at buying a new Easter outfit for my child, and very bad at finding something for myself. It’s amazing how quickly we make that shift  Luckily for me, I had such a crazy week last week and thought Sunday was Easter, so here I am having a week to prepare instead of a day, phew, thanks lack-of-sleep too-much-to-do week! You served one excellent purpose!

Anyway, sometimes the stars align and you find the perfect Easter dress for an amazing deal that will work perfectly for church, date night, mom life, Easter egg hunting, and has a few features that make it work for pretty much any body type in that supposed last-minute rush.

Dress (temporarily out of stock, here are plenty of similar) / Boots / Necklace / Lipstick / Watch

I love a couple features that really make this dress a winner.

  1. Elastic ruching on the back of the waist belt. This makes it comfortably fit and adjust to whatever your waist size is. It’s such a cool feature and one I’d tell even the least comfortable pregnant girl to go for.
  2. The ruffle bottom. This adds length a lot of people really want! I’m so glad many stores are offering options that are at the knee and below the knee, and this adds a cute detail without making it look matronly. Plus tall friends, you can check this one out with confidence!
  3. Easy button up top. Hello nursing friends, this is a great option for you!
  4. Lining built into the dress. I’m not a fan of having to add more layers to dresses due to the hot climate I live in, and this one has you covered without the transparent fear many yellow dresses brings.
  5. If you aren’t a bright whimsical fan, there’s a black version that’s super classic too!
  6. Sleeves that are easy to roll up, or roll down and can fit well under a jacket for those cooler spring days.
  7. A print to hide messy toddler hands
  8. The price! It’s hard to beat the 50% off on all dresses plus the 30% coupon. Easter outfit for $15, hard to beat! I may go buy another option there are so many great optionsAnd now to figure out the whole dinner and rest of Easter plans things before it’s Saturday again. 

Photos by: Chrissy of Let Me See You Sparkle Photo

*This post contains affiliate links

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