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Something kind of amazing happens when you hit your 30’s, and it’s amazing how it takes very little time to start to see these perspective changes. I remember being completely fine, completely happy, and completely excited to join the 30’s club, but when I hit 31 I started to think through a lot of pieces of my life. I’m excited to share some of these updates I think has come with some life experience and wisdom, and how Tom’s of Maine fits into these life updates!

When you’re young and dreaming about your life and all you want to accomplish, there’s a good chance most of those dreams were things you planned “By the time I’m 30”.

I took stock, and realized I had the schooling I hoped for, the career I’d hoped to build, the big trip and travel destination I wanted to see, and a husband that I couldn’t have dreamt of who still amazes me every day.

But I realized that it was time to quit living on only those dreams, to create new dreams because there’s still a lot of life to live, and there’s a few changes I wanted to make to live a better life and continue to enjoy at least 60 more years!

  1. Treat your marriage like gold. We we chatting about some friends going through divorces a few weeks ago, and stating it’s a time when relationships are getting complex and divorce isn’t the same thing we witnessed in our 20’s. There are complex issues, there are kids, and there are people who truly grew apart. We’ve decided we’re the best thing we’ve been given in life, and you have to treat the best thing like the best thing. That’s why we’re dating every week, putting down our phones in the evening, and really trying even harder to make each other happy.
  2. Whenever I’m faced with the choice to spend money on things or experiences, I’m choosing experiences. I’m so happy for my friends who have the perfect home, and we’re here just starting to furnish our dream home 2.5 years later, but I also have another passport stamp or two for each year I’ve been married, and I am so grateful for those memories and our choices to have experiences! The older I get, the harder it becomes to justify the couch we actually really could use!
  3. We’re making better choices whenever we can. There’s more vegetables going into meal planning, we’re trying to cut back on sugar, and real food is so important to me. As is the products we are using! Jacob has always had skin sensitivity and allergies to certain deodorant ingredients, and after talking about making better choices for our bodies, it was time for a deodorant switch to Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting natural deodorant. We’re all becoming more conscious of what goes in our body and our skin. Tom’s of Maine believes in the power of nature and its odor-fighting deodorants feature hops and natural fragrances, along with a blend of vegetable oils, organic aloe leaf juice, and other plant-based ingredients. The result is 24-hour odor protection you can trust. It’s clinically proven, 24-hour odor protection using odor-fighting hops  and only natural fragrances. And Tom’s of Maine is the #1 natural deodorant brand with a number of award-winning products among its deodorant portfolio. It’s an easy switch to make for something we know our bodies will thank us for!
  4. We’re savoring our toddler. I can’t believe he’s already a toddler! It’s making me realize how people wake up one morning and their baby is off to college! Even when he colors on the walls, we do our best to realize this phase will only be so long, and time will pass so quickly, so we’re taking every moment we can to savor it.
  5. We’re spending more time with our parents. It’s amazing to hear our parents talk about how much they miss their parents. When I do the math I realize if they pass at the same time their parents did, there are only so many years. That may sound morbid, but truly another 20-ish years isn’t very much time, and I know one day I will miss them dearly! While our parents are still in good enough health we’re trying to go and do things with them, build memories, and let our little man remember them.

I could go on and on, there are so many thing I think we see differently with only a birthday or two, but I love that we’re focusing on our relationships, our family, and taking better care of ourselves so we can enjoy all these things more fully!


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