Post Holiday Depression Cure Lunch Date

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I’m pretty sure the whole world experienced the depression of having to go back to work after the holiday vacation. We were extra sad this year. Life just worked out that both of us had almost 2 weeks of vacation that matched up at the same time. This NEVER happens! Jacob always has a huge client meeting or is traveling the weeks Camille has fall or spring or even summer break, and Camille has to continue to teach the youth of America when it isn’t these times….so we rarely get to take vacation together.
We thought two weeks of each other 24/7 may drive us a little crazy, after all, we’ve never had that much time together! Our wedding and honeymoon was only 9 days total together 24/7, so we broke this record for sure! Luckily we didn’t get sick of each other at all! One road trip and lots of home projects later, we were actually a little sad to realize we may never have time like this to do these things with this much time off again.
Jacob had to go back one day before Camille, which meant one sad, lonely Camille, and one Jacob who was in for a long day knowing he was the only one at work. The obvious solution was to schedule a random lunch date!
Camille picked Jacob up and we had lovely hour together at Dilly’s Deli enjoying some awesome sandwiches, our new compact tripod that clips onto just about anything for a picture, and one of our last times we’ll be able to do this in the foreseeable future.
You know what we decided? Lunch dates are awesome! We’re way less tired, it’s a fun out-of-the-norm thing, and we really like seeing each other dressed up in work clothes! We definitely need to start doing these more often!

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