Pregnancy Update: 17 Weeks

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17 Weeks 
Baby is the size of an onion 
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Skirt: Forever21 (similar, similar), Shoes: Modcloth, Belt: F21 (similar), Shirt: American Eagle (similar)

Feeling: It’s been a rough week. I had terrible nausea for several days, an aversion to most foods, and a sense of smell in hyper drive! Public service announcement: if you loved canned fish and your pregnant co-worker asks you not to open it at your desk because they aren’t doing well, please don’t proceed to open it and eat it at your desk! I went home sick one day due a related circumstance, and that wasn’t fun. I’m hoping the retrogression to the worst days of the first trimester is over and I won’t have to do them again! The past two days have been much better- so fingers crossed! 

Body Changes: I gained about 1 lb this week, which I’m hearing is very normal to do all of the second trimester. My skin is feeling more dry and itchy by the day. I’m using a combo of coconut oil, Mother’s Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil, and some lotion for severely dry, sensitive skin and it’s barely cutting it
The belly is definitely growing, and I’m retiring a few pieces of clothing I’ve been wearing regularly and trading in for a bigger size or maternity clothes. Jacob cracked me up this week, we were on the couch talking and catching up after not having much one-on-one time the past few weeks. I was leaning on him and I’d move a lot to try to get comfortable. In each rotation he gave me a status report- “Oh you actually look pregnant like that!” or “You really don’t look pregnant from this angle.” I’d bemid-thoughtt on deep topics, and I’d get interrupted by the status report he just couldn’t wait to share! I’m glad he’s noticing. I’m glad he listens and cares. I’m glad he’s also downloaded the apps on his phone and is caring too. It means a lot to talk about body changes with such a supportive guy who cares. He’s going to be an awesome labor coach, minus that he can’t do blood whatsoever.
Sleeping:  I think I slept through the night every night but one. I’ve been so tired the past week, and between that and not feeling well most days, it’s been awesome to sleep!

But oh my weird dreams this week! Let’s just say I’m 100% confident one of my favorite married couples could be amazing crossfit/parkour combo instructors in matching cheetah ensembles in the streets of NY after doing their fitness video in one of my dreams… I also dreamt little guy was actually a girl the night after making a dent in my wallet at Baby Gap. Oh so many other strange ones, but at least I am laughing most mornings when I realize how weird my dreams were that night. 

Fitness: I’m switching from straight runs to intervals. I’ll run a quarter mile, walk a quarter, run another, etc. for a few miles. It’s still kicking my butt- this extra blood flow thing is real! 

Craving: Frosted Mini-Wheats have kept me alive this week! We bought double the amount of milk we typically buy and I’ve been pouring it on cereal and making a lot of chocolate milk at night after dinner. I must need calcium and vitamin D in large amounts! 


Baby Updates: 
He’s developing his five senses and can hear us this week! It’s pretty exciting to think he’ll know our voices when he’s born. He’s also getting a lot bigger, and I can feel the stretching happening and a little more movement happening too. 

I can hardly wait to get to see him again in the next week and pretend to act surprised when my OB tells me it’s a boy, that is, unless my dream was some sort of vision… 

*This post contains affiliate links

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  1. Kirsten Weinzierl says:

    Sucks your coworker didn't do as you asked. 🙁
    I couldn't stand the smell of cooking meat when I was pregnant, I could eat it just fine as long as I didn't have to smell it while it was cooking. Oh the things pregnancy does to us, lol. Love your updates and can't wait to see the little guy. 😀

  2. So frustrating about your coworker!! The guys at my office have been so good to warn me when I'm in the break room and they're eating something that might be too much for me haha

  3. I know, that punk! At least I'm in a better place now and handling smells better this week!

  4. You lucky girl! If anything it reminds me to always be a little more self aware and think about other people when I'm making food of any kind!

  5. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    I love that you are still running! Go get 'em