Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks

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Expect two weeks two days in a row- I have a little catching up to do after Italia! 
20 Weeks 
Baby is the size of a (small) banana 

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Feeling: I spent this entire week in Italy, and I felt great every day but one day where I’d skipped breakfast, pushed it too hard walking, and didn’t get enough sleep. It was the very last half day luckily, and boy was my body glad to get on that 7.5 hour flight to New York and just rest! I know I should have taken it easy some days, but the excitement of seeing the foundations of society kind of had me jazzed and I think I went just one notch below my normal robotic see-all-the-things travel self. But by the end my body told me it was time to chill. I had minimal swelling on the flight, which is rare and lucky, I know! I think my body knows I’m an adventurous soul, and I’m glad it lets me stay that way even while traveling and walking about 9 miles a day on the other side of the world! 5 months pregnant! You go body, I’m so grateful!

Body Changes: I weighed myself the day after I got home from Italy at 20 weeks 1 day, and braced myself for the damage of eating pure carbs and several gelato cones a day. Much to my surprise, I had lost a lb since I had weighed myself two weeks ago! Apparently all that walking and lack of processed food did me well. I freaked out a little since I’d lost 3 lbs a few weeks before and haven’t really gained in the second trimester, but after gaining about 5 more lbs than I should have first trimester I’m realizing my body is just evening out now. It’s amazing how different pregnancy is for everyone, and I’m still just praying this week didn’t induce gestational diabetes!
No stretch marks yet, thankfully the last bra I bought right before the trip may be my last, and the belly was a little bigger and a few more clothes retired, so I think I’m still making good progress. 
Sleeping:  Like a rock every night after all the travel excitement and lots of walking. I’m feeling lucky that travel and sleep worked for me, it definitely didn’t my first trimester! 

Fitness: I’ve been walking 6-10 miles a day and I’ve felt pretty great so far. I think running up to this point and walking daily is making a big difference for me. I tried to run the day we got home and it didn’t feel great. I just want one more month of interval running and then I’ll let go and just walk, but we’ll see if my body will let me do that after I’ve caught up on sleep. 

Craving: Oh my gelato! This kid who hasn’t loved sugar has gladly let me get gelato at least once a day in Italy. My lemon craving is still strong and he’s always a fan of limone and fragole (strawberry) or raspberry. I fit in a few pistachio and chocolates, and he didn’t seem to mind. 

Pizza sounded great every day, and I’m so glad we have a few amazing pizza places in Phoenix that taste almost exactly the same as Italy. I read that babies develop taste buds around 19 weeks and start gaining tastes for things you eat at this point. If that’s the case this is one spoiled kid who knows the best of gelato and pizza and is definitely going to be an Italian food fan! 

One more thing, we brought peanut butter filled pretzels as a snack, and that’s one thing I ate fast! I craved these right before the trip and my work magically bought them the same day as a snack for our snack room. I’ve loved them ever since and now I’m thinking I’d love some right now! 

Baby Updates: Lots of movement going on. I’m feeling him pretty much every day. Even though I’ve been walking a ton which rocks them to sleep, I’m still feeling the little guy move and shift around when I get ready for bed each night, and often when we sit down for a long dinner. 

I’m excited to have the half way ultrasound when we get back, I’ve had a few dreams it was a girl not a boy and it’s had me a little freaked out! I know I found out early, and it will be nice to see him a little bigger, and get a confirmation on gender 100%! I need to know that splurge at Baby Gap wasn’t in vain! 

I mentioned it above, but he’s also getting taste buds which has made me feel happy for his first tastes of food to be some of the best in the world! I’m so grateful for pregnancy apps that keep me in the know and let me get excited about the new developments each week. 

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