Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks

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24 Weeks 
Baby is the size of a cantaloupe 
Shirt: Old Navy Maternity (similar, similar)  Skirt: Forever 21 (similar, similar)  Heels: Last Chance (similar)  
Necklace: (similar)  
Feeling: It’s been a bit of an achy week. I think my stomach is stretching, my little guy is sleeping on my left hip, and it’s amazing how feet can hurt! It hasn’t been terrible, but it’s starting to be noticeable and ever-present for sure.

Body Changes: I didn’t gain any this week, I actually am starting to think I need to up my caloric intake. It’s been heating up in AZ which makes you naturally want less food and more water. It’s great that I’m constantly wanting  to eat healthy food and smaller portions, but I’m realizing baby sometimes has other plans and needs more fat than I do! I’ve had a few queasy mornings before I eat, so I’m thinking it may be time to add some more protein and/or calories in general. I am so not complaining about this! 
Swelling is something I’m starting to see more consistently. I usually take my wedding ring off at night before I swell too much, and I’m realizing I have to elevate my feet more often, even at work!
On a positive side, I’ve had lots of people tell me I look like a cute pregnant person this week, that I kind of popped over night, and that I’m clearly “All belly.” Not so true, I’ve definitely put on some inches in my less-than-favorite body parts. At least I am still fooling others! Yep, I know to enjoy this as whale phase is coming, so I am going to soak up the compliments now! I’m out of the maybe just fat phase, and I’m wearing knit dresses and feeling less awkward about them now.
Sleeping: Still not a problem! I’m feeling blessed to be such a sound sleeper and enjoying it while it lasts! 

Weird dream of the week? I was a contestant on a hybrid reality series- Survivor/The Apprentice. It’s pretty strange to wake up still feeling like you need hunt down your next meal, purify your water for breakfast, and come up with the next million dollar business plan since you’re project manager of the week. For the record, Donald and Jeff were both present. I was also a finalist, so I’m glad my self-conscience still has great self-esteem. 
Fitness: I am walking and doing resistance training, and still boxing up life and cleaning like a maniac. I had one glorious morning this weekend when I was in CA for Elevate, an amazing and inspiring blogging conference, where the weather was so perfect and overcast I pretended I wasn’t pregnant and spent half my planned walk running. It felt amazing! Oh how I wish I lived in a cooler place every summer, and pregnancy is wishing for this too! 
Craving: Another week where he mostly let me have what I want. I’m LOVING ice chips, which is new since my teeth are a little sensitive and I typically don’t put much or any ice in my water. I also had a moment at the airport where I forked out $6 for a small cup of grapes, I just couldn’t get them off my mind after I saw them! I knew it was ludicrous, but the baby wouldn’t let it go. Man he’s so spoiled already! 

Note to self: time to clean the chalkboard! 

Baby Updates: Either this week or next he should start putting on a little fat. I can’t believe how big he is already and in the next few weeks he’s going to do some serious growing. 

Something kind of awesome happened this week. He has been kicking up a storm at night, and I keep trying to see if Jacob can feel it. No such luck, but one night the little guy stretched and kicked so much you could actually see that something was poking up from part of my stomach. He locked his leg like that, so we both got the feel this bump that you could clearly make out as a little foot! It wasn’t like the cheesy Photoshopped footprint or anything, but there was a bump that you could feel, and when I pushed in on it he’d move a little, and then move it right back. We were both smiling, and also a little creeped out because hey, there’s a human on my insides trying to push on my outsides and scenes of Alien may have come to mind. But overall, super cool, and I’m excited Jacob got his first taste of feeling some of the excitement from this little human, and that you could clearly tell he is a little human! 

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  1. Amber and Lincoln says:

    I'm so jealous I have not had that foot experience with either of my babies. I only have two weeks left and I keep telling Lincoln I just want to see a foot or a hand coming out!!! Very cool!

  2. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    If we still worked together we could go on walks to get you ice chips. And it's true — you're in a very cute pregnant phase! I maintain that you will continue to look good even through “whale” phase.

  3. Kirsten Weinzierl says:

    You really do look awesomely cute pregnant! Oh I remember those “alien” times when I was pregnant. So weird, yet so awesome at the same time! My first boy would kick me so bad it really started to hurt (I said, he must want to be a soccer player – he did play soccer last year, but he's more of a hockey player – which explains all the punching and kicking). My youngest boy was much more tame. I loved feeling their feet, elbows, hands and knees poking through my belly. It gives a sense of relief to know they are active and “doing well”. Consider yourself lucky to be sleeping so well right now 😉 Once baby comes, sleeping will be considered a luxury (and so will naps – hint: get them when baby naps).

  4. Mae @ Endlessly Ever After says:

    Haha, scenes from Alien! What a fun experience! You look beautiful