Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

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25 Weeks 

Baby is the size of a head of cauliflower 

Feeling: Good! I had a great week where pregnancy didn’t slow me down! I’ve been in Utah all week for a wedding and for Alt Summit, working remotely a few days, and it’s been great to be in cooler temperatures and move around so much. 

Body Changes: I didn’t get to weigh myself this week, due to travel. I think I rounded just a little in the belly and I’m seeing less of my jawline these days. I’m betting I gained a lb. or two. Eating out every meal probably isn’t helping my cause either! I’m actually looking forward to not living out of a hotel room. 
One blessing with cooler weather, I’ve worn my wedding ring every day, and it’s been great! Flying went great and I’m lucky there hasn’t been as much swelling this week. 
I’m noticing thicker hair and more of it! It’s shiner and heavy! I think it may be time to look into layers again. My lob is turning into a longer cut, and I may just embrace it. My nails are also growing lightning fast, and painting them is actually becoming a pain due to how fast they grow. I love having bright nails, it totally helps me feel put together, but maybe it’s time to take a break since it’s so high maintenance. 

Sleeping: The first night at a hotel was a little rough and I missed my bed, but I think after that we’ve been so busy and on the go that I’ve slept pretty soundly. My body loves the colder nights and it’s definitely showing. If only I could be a snowbird and move to a colder climate until the pregnancy ends. 

Fitness: I was so excited to have cooler mornings and run often in Utah! I’ve done a bit of it, but with pregnancy lung constraints plus high altitude I’m not used seem to equate to a lot of trouble breathing! I did fit in several walks with some running intervals, and I did a stair workout outside on the steps of the Olympic hockey arena. That was pretty fun and nice to mix it up and be outside! 
Craving: French fries hit me strong this week! A few days before we left, just as I hit 25 weeks I had a rough day and had to leave work early gagging. There was no reason for it, it just smelled a little like Chinese food in the kitchen, and then I just couldn’t stop gagging. I wanted french fries in the worst way and went to In N Out, leaving the drive-through the happiest girl in the world! That craving stuck every night this week. Luckily my baby is a genius and decided to make it hit me hard while in Utah, where fry sauce abounds! Seriously, they have sounded good 24/7 and I’m hoping for a healthier craving next week! 
I’m also loving ice and ice chips! I have somewhat sensitive teeth so this is a whole new experience for me. We always run out at work, and I started bringing in my own bags of ice so there’s plenty to munch on. 

Baby Updates: I’m feeling him move often and I’m loving that! Sometimes he hurts me with how hard he’s kicking these days. I’m feeling grateful for it though. I had two days in a row where I felt nothing and I panicked. One of the worst repercussions of years of fertility problems is that you never shake the pessimism that it’s not going to happen. I always expect the worst at every appointment, and I worry often that even though I’m almost to the 3rd trimester, that something will go wrong. I know I shouldn’t think like this, but I often do. I was so grateful the next day when the little guy went crazy and wouldn’t stop jumping around for about a half-hour! 
He also developed a sense of equilibrium, according to my pregnancy app. It may all be in my head, but I swear I can tell he has more opinions about what direction I’m leaning, which side I sleep on, etc. 

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