Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks

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29 Weeks
Baby is the size of an acorn squash

Shirt: Anthropologie, Skirt: Loft, Shoes: Teva 

 Feeling: I was doing much better with health and queasy feelings this week, but I have had a few strange things happen while flying and staying in Utah for the 4th of July. There was a lot more swelling than normal. I think this was due to missing my morning walks/pilates sessions. I was also outside more and it was still a 100 degree week in Utah, so I noticed my feet throbbing and a few other pains likely heat related. I still think it was worth it for the cool nights! I also had the queasy feelings return when I returned home, but I think that’s more due to diet and the stress of closing on the new house more than to anything else. 

Body Changes: We packed our scale, so I’m not sure If I’ve gained and how much. I do feel like I’ve had to go buy a few more shirts a size or two bigger. I also had a doctor appointment this week and she said I’m measuring great and looking healthy! I had to take the glucose test, I didn’t think it was too bad. I was paranoid about it so I didn’t eat carbs for a few days and found myself a little queasy again consequently. I’m hoping all comes back normal, but with insulin resistance who knows. It will make it a rough ride to the finish if I seriously have to limit carbs since baby really seems to want them always and makes me feel sick when I don’t provide them.
Sleeping: I’m back to sleeping great! I think I’m so exhausted from moving preparation and from partying hard while in Utah that I’ve seriously crashed every night and not even woken up to use the bathroom. I had one rough night in Utah where my aunt’s house was a little warm and I didn’t sleep too great. I woke up, went outside, and sprawled on the cold bench in her backyard. Luckily after I cooled down I was right back to sleep and I was fine. 

I had fun dreams return this week as well! I had one I was going into labor and simultaneously on a reality trivia show. If I wanted the next step of help/drugs for labor I needed to get the answer to the question correct. I’m not super great at trivia, and I definitely felt a lot of frustration upon waking up that I just couldn’t “win” at having a baby. An hour later I was cracking up at how real this seemed. 
Fitness: Aside from travel time, I’m still walking about a mile a morning. It’s feeling great and seriously helping with the swelling! 
Craving: Ice chips for life- I’m wondering if this craving ever ends. I seem to always want ice and can’t get enough! This week one very kind coworker went to a gas station and bought me a 72 ounce drink and filled it with nothing but ice chips out of the kindness of her heart! It seriously made my day! I also had a night I couldn’t get artichokes off the brain. They aren’t exactly in season, so I had to tell myself a freshly steamed artichoke needed to die from the craving list because I’m not sure I can fulfill that one unless we can squeeze in a trip to Chile! 
Can I also mention that this is the last week in front of our beloved brick wall? I’m so excited to move and the new house is a dream, but this is one piece of about two total that I will desperately miss in the new house. It’s been a great hipster dream-come-true, a spot with great lighting, and a place I’ve enjoyed documenting my pregnancy against! 

Baby Updates: I’m feeling him more and more these days. There’s a lot of little flutters of hiccups multiple times a day around where his head is. I also had a night I felt a little achy and went to lie down in bed for a minute. He woke right up and starting kicking so hard. Jacob came in to cuddle and felt so many repeated kicks happening with his hand on my stomach. This is only the second time he’s got in on the fun, so that was exciting for both of us! It didn’t take long for baby to flip around a bit and start kicking my spine. It created a reaction through my whole body flinching with each kick, and I woke up the next morning quite sore from his little workout session on my spine! 

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