Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

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31 Weeks
Baby is the size of a pineapple 
Dress: Eshakti, Sandals: Target, similar

Feeling: Aside from having a difficult time breathing due to some lung crowding I’m feeling pretty great! Sometimes there’s some aches and pains, but when I look at how fast this little guy in growing, and how few weeks I have left, I feel like this is totally expected and I’m feeling lucky! I’m watching my sister-in-law a month ahead of me in her pregnancy struggling and I just feel so lucky I’m still walking, sleeping, moving, and aching is pretty minimal. 

Body Changes: I still haven’t found the scale. I’m hoping that shows up as we get a little more organized in the next few days. My clothes are still fitting, so I’m hoping nothing too crazy happened the last three weeks. 
He has definitely grown a lot and I’m feeling the pressure and seeing more growth near my ribs. I’m looking more pregnant and less like a person wearing a ginormous fanny pack above my hips. 
I also got my gestational diabetes test back, and it came back high. No shock there, but I’m not looking forward to the three hour test in the coming week. I also found out I’m anemic, and I’m on iron now. I can’t believe how much better I feel after only about a week on the supplement! It’s also making it very clear why ice chips have been such a huge craving this whole pregnancy! 
Sleeping: Unless I’m hot, I’m sleeping great! I wake up to use the bathroom once and usually need a big glass of water. Five minutes later, I’m out cold again. 

Dream of the week: Background- I took a trip to Vegas with several of my dorm friends freshman year of college. It was amazing and I can’t believe the trouble/lack of trouble a bunch of 19-year-olds can get into. Okay, onto the dream! We decided to reunion our trip with our spouses but instead of Vegas try Puerto Rico. We were in a small town built on water that definitely was not Puerto Rico. It was Venice meets Puerto Rico meets scenes from The Rescuers. We all went on a river rafting tour and essentially ended up in a Lord of the Rings scene, visiting Gondor- the land of the kings with all the ancient statues and fantasy castles surrounding. Please note, I read the books shortly before the movie came out, I saw the movies in theaters, I read parts of the books for a class a few years later, and over a decade later my pregnancy brain decided to pull this information… On the bright side, my memory rocks with vivid memories, and I can’t believe how real the dream felt. I woke up wanting to call about 11 dorm friends and see if they are up for a trip with our spouses. 
Fitness: I’m walking pretty much daily, and fitting in about one round of pilates a week. I’ve also been trying to add plenty of squats when I can since that’s supposed to help with delivery. 
Craving: Artichokes came back this week, and by some miracle we went to our farmer’s market by our new home, and there was as display! I almost cried tears of joy and Jacob couldn’t stop laughing at how giddy I was to cook them the next day. I probably sounded like the scene from What About Bob eating the corn, my Mmmmms were hard to miss a mile away! 

Baby Updates: I think he shifted to a downward position this week. I have been kicked in my ribs and been sore from all the kicking! 
His brain is getting close to developed, and his five senses are fully developed now. 

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  1. Budget Splurge Beauty says:

    I figured you might have anemia with all the ice chips you've been craving! I'm glad you're on a supplement now. I can't believe you're getting so close!