Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

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32 Weeks
Baby is the size of a squash
Dress: Eshakti customized with sleeves, Sandals: Target (similar), Necklace: Anthropologie (similar)

Feeling: This week was a little rougher. Braxton hicks have started and some really hurt. He is kicking me so hard some days and nights that it’s difficult to talk or breathe. He even woke me up one night, and I’m pretty sure he flipped his body kicking and punching the whole way. I felt so sore the next morning- hooray for acetaminophen to help out! I’m also seeing some more fatigue creep in. I’m happy to go to bed early and wake up late these days. I’ve heard many people say that the 3rd trimester exists so labor sounds amazing and you actually want to go through with it. I am seeing the wisdom in this sage advice.

Body Changes: Waddling, it is a thing! I think I’m walking funny and looking funny and balance is getting harder. I’m also needing help just getting up in multiple situations. Hello humility, my new friend. 
My 3 hour gestational diabetes test came back high, so I’m off for diabetic counseling next week. I knew it was coming, insulin resistance and gestational diabetes typically go hand-in-hand. I am seriously limiting my carbs and eating mostly eggs, meat, and veggies these days in hopes that I don’t do anything to hurt the baby. 
Sleeping: Aside from being woken up by kicks and a few bathroom trips, I’ve had a lot of great nights where I’ve slept 10 hours straight. I’m feeling lucky, and hope deep sleep can stick around until the end. 

Dream of the week: Apparently I’ve read one too many Cecil the Lion news reports, because I had a dream I went to Rwanda with my sister and niece to go on a safari. We enjoyed all the animals, but learned pretty quickly my sister and I could understand what the lions were saying! One was Scar from The Lion King, and had the accent and all. The lions were all so rude, told crude jokes, and were demeaning to other animals and people. My little sister turned to me and was like, “Man lions are jerks!” We spent our time trying to shield our niece from their inappropriate-for-15-year-old jokes, and we watched the media swarm thinking none of them had any idea how much the lions were mocking them or threatening to kill and eat them. I kept thinking of Harry Potter with Parseltongue, and felt I was in some strange similar experience my entire dream. I must say, I’m going to miss these super weird, hilarious dreams that pregnancy has gifted me with.
Fitness: I’m still walking pretty much daily, and trying to do add more squats into my morning workouts. Hopefully that helps with labor like I’ve read, because it’s time to admit that is going to happen! 
Craving: I wouldn’t say anything has been too strong this week, but I’ve loved eggs for breakfast, and I’ve wanted salad for lunch almost every day. Luckily these are diabetic-approved foods! 

Baby Updates: I had a doctor appointment this week where she confirmed, he’s head down and definitely flipped. I can feel kicking in my ribs, and I’m feeling him awake at night more often. He also seems to wake up at certain times of day. I’ve read they start to get on a schedule in the womb, and I’m seeing him active about the same time each morning, afternoon, and night. I am also seeing my stomach start to do the wave, I think he’s getting pretty cramped in there there days. 

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  1. Patrick&Selena Pallas says:

    May I ask what the difference is between insulin resistant and type 1? We just found out my 4 year old son has type 1 and its flipped how we eat, how often and insulin injections, the bright side is he is transitioning very well and still such a happy and energectic boy. I am just consumed by articles and research studies on juvenile diabetes.

  2. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    Those lion dreams are the best. Also, that denim dress….yesss. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR BABY IS ALMOST HERE

  3. alfredo ciano says:

    Congratulation for Your Style Dear Camille : You Are a Sweet & Nice Woman. I Wait the Pics with You , Your Husband and Your Magic Baby ; Lots of Love !!!

  4. Yay for gestational diabetes…. That was the worst part of my pregnancy, but you know that already. I cried more that week trying to adjust my foods and being so frustrated because I'd tried so hard to avoid it. The diabetes educator made me feel better though when she told me that because I have a family history of Type II, even if I weren't prediabetic going in and was the healthiest eater and the most active person, there was still a high chance I would have gotten it anyway, so that made me feel better. And I was so healthy during for my baby that I am not even prediabetic anymore post pregnancy…. except I've fallen off the bandwagon a bit and need to be better.

  5. Christine Everyday says:

    Love that dress!