Pregnancy Update: 33 Weeks

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33 Weeks
Baby is the size of a durian 

Hot! I can’t believe how overheated I’m always feeling. Apparently this is normal and the metabolism kicks into gear at this time, but I honestly can’t get over just how hot it is! My body looks red and Jacob keeps telling me he can feel heat radiating from me when he touches me. This is quite the role reversal! He’s adding blankets and I’m sleeping without even a sheet most nights. 

I’m also letting the whole gestational diabetes thing set in. I met with the doctor who I told what I had been eating since my diagnosis- eggs, veggies, some fruit, grilled meat, and she basically told me I’m not eating enough and not to diet at this time. I wanted to respond with, maybe we should measure my thigh circumference and you’ll quit worrying about me having an eating disorder. But alas, I had a conference call at work to get to and decided to not drag it out and try to end the appointment as quickly as possible. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the friend I’d spoken to had an extreme case and 35 carbs a day wasn’t normal! I’m more in the 160 a day zone, and I’m finding I actually need to add more to my diet right now. Don’t worry doc, I’ll buy some bread! 

Body Changes: 
I’m starting to feel pretty cramped, and pretty big. I’ve never had a large torso so it’s crazy to think how little room there is and that he’ll still put on a few more pounds before we’re done here. I definitely feel like I popped again this week, and there’s a few more shirts that aren’t quite long enough. I’m also feeling a lot more pressure lower and more trips to the bathroom are happening- which I honestly didn’t think were possible. Apparently this can get even worse, so I’m starting to wonder when I won’t be able to be in public, because yikes I feel like it’s a constant search for a bathroom right now! 

One funny story, we went to a concert for a date this past week, and I’ll blog all about that for a date night soon. I had to chug water at the door since they wouldn’t let me take it in. Guess what, it came right back up after security. Throw up number two and three during pregnancy are in the books from those 24 ounces of water, and I’m learning I can’t defy the laws of physics with my body. I’m having to eat less and more frequent and drink less too. It’s kind of a crazy thought to think how little space my stomach actually has these days. 
One bathroom trip a night, one tall glass of water, and luckily I’m sleeping great still and only up for 10 minutes or so. Bless those great sleeping genes that have served me well most my life! 

Dream of the week: They just keep getting weirder I swear! Jacob and I moved to Washington D.C. into an apartment that was a hybrid of our new home and an old restaurant. I was busy examining all the hidden spaces to hang pots and pans when Jacob came home late at night followed shortly after by my younger sister, who was visiting. She’s single and dates a ton, and in my dream she’d flown out to go out with some guy she was head-over-heels for. He apparently had let her know he liked two girls equally and it was a competition. She and Jacob started analyzing what she had done and if she was winning. Apparently my subconscious doesn’t know she’s deathly allergic to shellfish and Jacob hates seafood because they were discussing ordering shrimp and it’s impacts on relationships. Apparently she ordered the expensive shrimp and Jacob started yelling, “YOU ALWAYS ORDER THE CHEAP SHRIMP!” and let her know kindly she likely wasn’t going to win. I woke up more aware of the reality of these two non-seafood eaters and was very confused by this super realistic dream. But single ladies, let it be your guide, always order the cheap shrimp on dates. 

Walking every day and I went for a swim this week too. It felt great and oh my does the swelling seem to vanish for a day or two after every time I swim! 

Tacos have consistently sounded good to me, and good news, they are on the approved list for gestational diabetes. Other than that I haven’t had much of an appetite, and I am constantly thinking, time to eat again already? This is pretty opposite for my sentiments towards food prior to this week. Seriously, how small is my stomach these days? 

Baby Update: 
After 12 weeks of not seeing our little guy, I got to see him twice this week! It’s been a long stretch since the days of weekly fertility monitoring, and it was really cool to see his face in 3D for the first time! I should say half his face, he likes to cover his face with his hands. The first ultrasound we saw the forehead, one eye, his nose, and part of a lip. It confirmed, Jacob’s clone in the nose, eyes, and forehead. The second ultrasound we saw the other side of his face. He may have my jaw line, fuller cheeks, and the lips are a bit of a mystery. I keep looking at the two pics side by side and trying top piece it all together.

One thing is clear, both confirmed he’s a full week ahead of schedule. I’ll keep putting the originally weekly update based on my first due date, but we’re prepping for a possible early delivery, and with GD they aren’t going to let him go past his due date. He’s healthy and measuring normal so far in all areas, so that’s what matters! It just kind of blew my mind to see how cramped he is, how developed he is, and to think we’re down to just weeks until his big debut! 

I was also amazed to see a week ahead in development meant he was already sucking/breathing/swallowing! I mentioned a few weeks ago about my friend who had a preemie who was due about the same time. Her little guy is struggling to learn to eat on his own, and I just felt extra blessed to see that baby Whiting is a week ahead! It’s amazing how you don’t realize how blessed you are until you experience loss or see someone near to you experience it. There’s only a few more bodily updates for our little man to make until he can safely come, and I’m so grateful to be so close to full term! 

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  1. alfredo ciano says:

    Dear Camille I'm Very Happy for You : Perfect Example of a Classy Pregnant Woman ; Have Magic Moments , Lots of Luck to You & Jacob & the Baby !!!

  2. Amber and Lincoln says:

    The summer after I had Kempton I remember realizing the reason my previous summer was so awful was because the pregnancy made me so hot. I remember I couldn't believe how hot it was and how I had I lived here 16 years and never been so bothered by it. If at all possible I will not be pregnant in the summer again my last pregnancy was so nice. I never even had swollen ankles but the summer pregnancy they were swollen from July-November.

  3. Mikaela D says:

    So exciting! You look so great and happy!

  4. Becca Evans says:

    I feel your pain with the gestational diabetes. With my first I had it, I have since been diagnosed with PCOS but at the time we didn't know. I was aloud about 160-180 carbs a day. But they wanted me to pack in the calories because I couldn't put on the wait. It was extremely frustrating especially since I was eating all the time or at least I felt like I was. I hated having to take my blood four times a day. That was the worst for me!