Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks

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Two in one week? Yep, I got behind, and with the due date getting closer it’s definitely time to catch up so I’m not posting these a month after he’s here!

34 Weeks
Baby is the size of a butternut squash
Shirt: Stitchfix, Skirt: Thrifted, similar, Sandals: Saltwater, Necklace: Similar
Still just so hot! I’m hardly ever hungry with heat, and that’s been interesting to gestational diabetes. 
Side note, I am feeling better about how I look after trying Stitchfix! They hooked me up with a free month’s trial and wasn’t sure what to think. I thought I’d do a full blog post, but only two things fit me. Apparently, their maternity line is for people not right up to the end getting ready to pop. However, the shirt I’m wearing is truly amazing! I loved it from first sight, doubted it would fit, got super excited when it did, noticed some stretch to spare, and it fit the bill for comfort without showing every inch of my body through knit. Oh knit, such a blessing and a curse! If you haven’t heard of them or tried StitchFix and you need some original pieces in your wardrobe you should definitely subscribe for $20 (which applies to the cost of any item you keep), and try a box to see if any new clothes tickle your fancy. I am so thrilled to have a fresh shirt to wear these last few weeks, and one I’ll work during the postpartum weeks too. 

Body Changes: 
Hello heartburn! It’s getting pretty crazy up in here and no amount of TUMS seem to help for long. 
I also can’t seem to bend over these days without hurting. I rotated laundry washing a bunch of baby clothes and oh boy, every bend over was a struggle! I guess I should be grateful this happened so late in the game, but I am just admitting I can’t get up these days or pick much up effectively. 
One bathroom trip a night, one tall glass of water, and luckily I’m sleeping great still and only up for 10 minutes or so. Bless those great sleeping genes that have served me well most my life! 

Dream of the week: If you’ve read The Giver I was there in my sleep this week, and the society had just re-formed and had some kinks. I was assigned to a large family unit where Jacob was my brother. We knew we were still husband and wife so would sneak out into the woods at night to be together and make out. People were on to us and we started to fear for our lives. Oh course that didn’t stop us. Oh scandalous dreams, I just wake up feeling embarrassed! 
I’m walking still, trying to get in a swim once or twice a week, and trying to do some squats. I’m pretty determined to keep this up to the end, even if it’s hurting more and I’m going slower these days. 
Cold food! Shaved ice with sugar free syrup, and Greek Yogurt are keeping me alive right now. 
Baby Update: 
We have gone out for tacos twice this week and have found our little guy is a big fan of Salsa music! I think the horns, the accordion, and the fast-pitched singing speaks to his soul. My app told me to sing to him, um, I just probably should do him a favor and not make him hear that awful noise. However, I’m thinking if he needs to be soothed I will let him go smell a taco shop and play soothing salsa sounds. 

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  1. You're soooo close! Just a few more weeks! 🙂

  2. Katie Balderas says:

    Earth Mama Angel Baby pregnancy tea for heartburn is the BEST! It worked way better for me than tums ever did. You could probably make it iced too, so you don't have to drink hot tea in the hot summer 🙂

  3. alfredo ciano says:

    We Wait Your Baby !!! Lots of Luck !!!