Prime Day 2018 Deals

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I feel really lucky that I get to part of the Amazon Influencers program, and I get to see the Prime Day Deals before they go live. It’s about the hardest thing to keep them to myself and wait until the big day to share. Good news, it’s here, and I can finally spill the best of the Prime Day 2018 Days!

If you haven’t heard of Prime Days, it’s like Black Friday on Amazon. Often, we find much better deals at Prime Day instead of Black Friday. It’s also how we start prepping for Christmas.

One more note, if you want in but you don’t have Prime, you can do a 30-day trial free! Even if you’ve done it before! So click here to sign up and try it while you snag these deals!


Okay, let’s get this party started with my favorites!


  1. Robot Vacuums have changed my life! I have so much more time in my day. My toddler crumbs are always cleaned up. My back is so thankful for this purchase! Here are awesome deals you don’t want to miss! iLife v3 Pro. 3,000 reviews raving can’t be wrong! 33% off at $119 today! ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner with Water Tank, Automatically Sweeping Scrubbing Mopping Floor Cleaning RobotI love my vacuum so much I just ordered this mop with the best reviews too! I can’t wait to cut that step out as well!iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity
    Adding this one on- it just showed up and it’s the model we own! I can’t recommend this one enough, the Roomba has never let us down!
  2. Instant Pot
    Oh this the greatest kitchen appliance of all time! I really do love it to pressure cook, but I honestly use it for the other features more. You can slow cook, pressure cook, make rice, steam veggies, etc. in one appliance! Toss the others, save kitchen space, and snag one of these!
    If you already own and love this, it’s a great price point to buy a second so you can do even more. Or buy an extra as a Christmas gift! Watch out parents, this is coming your way!
  3. Vitamix Blender

    Because $189 is an amazing deal on this, and even though it feels like a splurge, it’s one I’ve never heard a single person regret!
  4. Melissa and Doug Toys- 30-50% off!

    We own many, and love all! These mostly wooden based toys you’ll feel great about, and your kids will love! We also love to stock up on toys for birthday parties at this price too!
  5. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Bike

    This is what Santa brought our son last year. We thought we got a smoking deal at $89. At $55 it’s pretty hard to pass up right now! It will go up to $140 in December, so if you’ve toyed with getting your kid a bike, this is the time! 9 months up to 5-years old and grows with them.


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