Rest in Peace Sherlock, a Teething Tale

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Today’s tale is sponsored by Gerber, but our love of their snacks is all our own!

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It felt like over night my child went from two front teeth up top and two front teeth on the bottom to a kid with a mouthful of teeth. They weren’t quite that smooth, there was a few rough nights of very little sleep in our home, followed by some molars appearing before any other teeth filled in. Then there was a lot of crankiness, drool, and general misery for baby as those teeth slowly made their appearance. That was the long part, then the overnight teeth start happening! Just about every day we’ve seen one start to show up, and we’re watching our kid gnaw on everything he can get his hands on to get them through.
He’s a little bookworm these days, and he is also loving kissing pictures in certain books. What I thought was was innocent kiss turned into a massacre of one of his favorites and most-read books. Sherlock, we had a good run.
We’ve tried teething toys, popsicles, and a pacifier, all which help a bit, but the best thing we’ve found is handing him his favorite snack and letting him slowly crunch them down until he’s ready for the next. He seems so much happier, the teeth seem to break through faster, and he adores Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™ immensely. Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™are a new baked snack made with the goodness of navy beans, and they have protein in addition to a delicious crunch easy for teething toddlers to munch on! 

So much so that when we headed to Walmart baby section to pick up a new container in either the Original or White Cheddar & Broccoli Cheddar variety, he gets giddy excited and likes to give them a little hug as they enter the cart.

Now whenever he’s feeling cranky or tries to eat another book, I sit him in his high chair with some Gerber® Lil’ Beanies™ and watch him turn into a very content child!

And PSA, you can find a coupon for Lil’ Beanies at Walmart in the Ibotta app right now- snag one while supplies last!

Any other teething tips you have for me? As a new mom I am definitely all ears!

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  1. Alicia Snow says:

    Taylor has ruined a few books with teething. Poor babies.

  2. He looks like a little boy in that first picture!

  3. He looks like a little boy in that first picture!