Arizona for Fashion Lovers: Scottsdale Fashion Square

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Why a visit to Arizona should include a trip to Scottsdale Fashion Square: the largest mall in the Southwest! 

Arizona for Fashion Lovers

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My parents moved to Arizona when I was a college freshman. I was excited to explore this new place when I spent my summers at home or visited for holiday breaks. The very first thing I noticed was what amazing fashion sense most of this state has! Seriously, people dress really well and as a fashion lover, it was so fun to see.

Arizona for Fashion Lovers

I realized pretty quickly shopping in Arizona is about the best of the best. It’s such an easy thing to find your own style and make shopping fun. Jacob and I even go shopping for date night sometimes, we just did two weeks ago!

Whenever anyone comes to Arizona to visit and asks what they should do, I often ask if they like shopping and/or fashion. If you’re even remotely into either, I’ll highly recommend visiting the Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Scottsdale Fashion WeekScottsdale Fashion Square

There are malls, and then there is the Scottsdale Fashion Square! I’ve never been to a mall quite like it, it’s really big and has every store I love in one place! With 1.9 million square feet, and more than 200 shops and restaurants – Scottsdale Fashion Square is the Southwest’s leader for luxury and upscale shopping. If you love luxury, 40 of the world’s finest luxury and contemporary brands have stores at Scottsdale Fashion Square. It’s really fun to go see designer pieces in person!

Also, there are tons of delicious restaurants we frequent often for date nights. There’s also a movie theater that’s as nice as can be with luxury seating. We’ve also found plenty of activities we can do for a date.

It’s such a fun place to explore, to find anything you’re looking for, to eat, and to enjoy air conditioning during the warmer months.

Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall
Scottsdale Fashion Week

If you’re local, or going to be in town, you should definitely check out Scottsdale Fashion Week! It typically takes place in March. Look for the Style of Scottsdale – Spring Event celebrates designers and retailers alike! In addition to retail shows and beauty bars. Plus, you can expect a fashion show featuring ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts students.

If you’re in Arizona, be sure to add Scottsdale Fashion Square to your list of places to visit. And definitely be sure to check out Scottsdale Fashion Week too!

Photos: Chrissy Blake

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