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Back in January we decided our theme for this year would be “Celebrate” hoping to focus on not only the large things that happen, but the little things too- truly looking to #celebrateeverygoal.

The first few months of the year had us instantly busy with work, particularly we started a new chapter of our lives with Jacob working as an engineering consultant instead of cable designer. This meant big projects, better pay, and lots of opportunity. This also meant traveling almost every week would be a big part of his life during certain times and seasons. I missed him lots the first few weeks, it was a huge adjustment. But I think it’s safe to say we’ve adjusted and have both learned to accept this new life and enjoy the frequent flyer miles he racks up.

This summer we are celebrating those projects he finishes and the fact he will no longer have to fly to one specific location anymore- he gets to move onto the next!

We decided the way to celebrate ending all those work flights is to use the frequent flyer miles and fly to a location we want to go. So this summer we’re celebrating a few big project ends with a few weekend getaways to various locations to beat the heat.

Our first was to Spokane to see Jacob’s brother’s family who we just adore and don’t get to see much of. I have to be honest, Spokane isn’t a complete tourist destination, but it is a really fun place to visit for a relaxing weekend with beautiful scenery and perfect summer weather.

Places of note should you find yourself there: 

The Davenport

Driving through Downtown
Eating at the cutest 1950’s diner- Wolffy’s burgers were cheap, fresh, cooked in front of our faces, and delicious.

Seriously, the vintage decor was killing me. So was this face. 

We ordered a shake because Yelp told us to. Yelp, you were right- seriously amazing and big enough for two people to share. 

There was fry sauce- be still my raised-in-Utah-and-I-never-get-this-anymore heart! 

Do you see the guy on the right? They cook your patties before your eyes- I love that there was fresh meat and it was made-to-order. 

The owner is about as nice as can be, telling us their history when we asked, and putting up with all the photo requests. 

To work off all those burger, we made sure to get in some running in the nice weather, and to walk around as much as we can. There is nothing like exploring a new place, it’s one of our favorite things to do. Big, small- we like all towns/cities and love pointing out the charm of each. 

Because we do so much walking on these mini getaway celebrations, we’re becoming pros knowing what to pack to help us prepare for our expeditions. This includes: water bottles full of water, Tylenol for heat headaches or any aches and pains, sunscreen (have you seen how pale Jacob is, it’s a MUST!), Band-aids for the blisters that always seem to arise- even with broken in shoes, Neosporin for the really bad blisters/skin rubbed raw, hand lotion, snacks to fight off the hangry feelings, and mints just in case you feel the urge to find a discrete location and make out just to say you’ve done that in every state. Wait what? Who does that? (*Hides head in shame). 

A quick trip to the Walgreens less than a mile from our house, and a bonus 3,000 reward points for the J&J promo on select items later, and we were set for the trip with an extra hookup!

These things all came in handy- there was a lot of exploring this trip and enjoying the beauty that is the state of Washington. 

We also got to see the end of a half marathon race. Most runners were done, but we saw some of the tail end being cheered along. It was pretty cool that they finished in the park with statues dedicated to runners. I felt so drawn to this place, and so ready to grab my running shoes. 

Not to mention the views were just stunning. 

Seriously, I even wear the same colors as the plants. Washington keeps charming me to death. May there be more goals to celebrate soon, and may there be more Washington state in my future! 

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  1. Andrea Kruse says:

    What a fun vacation! We travel North to Washington at least once a year and I enjoy it. Though I always try to sneak in a visit to Seattle for Pikes Market and shopping… #client

  2. Fry sauce?!! Yay! I'm going to have to go there ASAP! Thank you sooo much for visiting us! We feel so spoiled.

  3. Fry sauce?!! Yay! I'm going to have to go there ASAP! Thank you sooo much for visiting us! We feel so spoiled.

  4. Miss Riss says:

    This looks so fun! The scenery looks gorgeous, and I'm definitely already hungry after lookin at those burgers and fries and milkshakes. Ugh, and I still have 5 hours til lunch. 😉

  5. Life with Amberly says:

    I love that dress, the views are AMAZING!!!, your running pictures crack me up, this trip looks like a lot of fun, and fry sauce outside of Utah/Idaho?!?! unheard of!!!! (Those were my thoughts while reading this post).

  6. Shannon b says:

    What a fun getaway! I've only been to Spokane once – in the winter, for a funeral, so ya not much sight-seeing happened. Love your dress and those gorgeous flowers!

  7. Fun! We often go to Spokane to visit friends. Next time you're around you should go further north to Sandpoint (that's where we live) – it's even better here 😉