Spreading the Love: July 2013

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Today is the big deal, the day I host a link up asking you to share something you love about another blog/blogger/post you’ve read lately in attempts to make the Internet a more positive place and brighten people’s day! It’s the 14th which means we’re Spreading the Love.

I am so excited to share two of my best kept secrets who I love, and never miss as daily reads.

1. Tia at Frugal Fashion and Furnishings
I was friends with Tia in real life before we became blog friends, and I’ve always thought she had it all together with grace and style! On top of that she does everything on a budget and is more than happy to impart her wisdom with others. You can pick up recipes, decorating tips, fashion tips, canning how-to’s, and so much more at her blog. Anyone on a budget or looking to spend less should check her out- she lives on fabulous life quite frugally! You should also enjoy her adorable son, and read of her exciting news she just posted!

2. Jen at Nothing Can Come of Nothing
First of all, let’s just reflect on the fact that the blog name is a Shakespeare quote- we’re starting with 10 points here easily! Jen is another girl I met in real life through a mutual friend only to discover she blogs. She’s one of those hidden gems that I doubt will be hidden for much longer. Her photography is amazing, you could scroll through her blog and easily enjoy the pictures. But please don’t shortchange yourself- she’s hilarious! She’ll warm your heart with her joys and frustrations of being a mother, she’ll inspire you to be more creative, and her 30 cakes series will make you salivate and remind you that wheat and sugar should be a part of your daily diet!

Now it’s your turn! Link your posts below and join me in spreading the love!


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  1. Aw shucks, Camille. You're making me blush. Thanks for such a sweet shout out!

  2. I just speak the truth! 🙂

  3. Confessions Of A City Girl says:

    This is a really great idea!


  4. Love to have you join Sherine!