Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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Date Info: 
Major League Baseball Game 
Price: $15-$120 per ticket (but look for free ones- season ticket holders and Craigslist often hook you up!) 
Location: Any MLB stadium 
Website: MLB Tickets
We’ve learned that there aren’t many freebies in life, so when they come, you seize the moment and take them! One of our favorite dates we repeat every summer is attending at least one Diamondback’s MLB game. We’ve learned that if you pay attention, there are often people you know who are happy to giveaway a ticket they won’t use, there are practically free tickets off Craigslist, and corporate ticket hookups can also be a thing. I am so grateful for a company that provides the latter- excellent seats, and every employee gets to attend at least one game each season if they want to. 

We were lucky enough to get all four company seats and get to bring some of our favorite friends along too!

Naturally I ignored the advice to avoid hot dogs during pregnancy, just for one night. Good news, everything turned out fine…for now.

I love that you can pay attention to the game, and still have plenty of time to chat and catch up with friends or your date. I think that may be the reason baseball is one of the perfect dates out there- plenty of entertainment but enough down time to talk too. I loved being with friends, spending some quality time with Jacob, and still being so close the third base I didn’t miss any of the action of the game.

And when your friends are photographers too, it’s amazing how they see lines and colors and sometimes hook you up with awesome shots you never would have thought to get on your own!

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  1. The Jessa Olson Blog says:

    i loved going to dbacks game!! So much and not a bad seat at all.