The Holiday Rush

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We absolutely love the holidays and all that comes with it! One thing that’s caught us off guard this year is how short the Christmas season is, how many responsibilities we have with church, work, and family outings, and how little time we seem to have to do it all! 
We decided there would still be some quality time spent together, and still some Christmas dates even with all the chaos. Our theme the past 8 days has been fit something small in, even if it’s only an hour or two here and there. 
So this week, we decided to spent a calmer later night together watching our first holiday movie of the season and enjoying hot chocolate from the Cocomotion. 
And aren’t these mugs the cutest? Personal Creations sent them our way, and we’ve waiting for a cold front to use them. Boy has this week delivered one- frosty nights in Arizona and below 0 elsewhere. We’ve had a lot of hot chocolate, and we love these mugs! 
We watched an edited copy of Love Actually that I purchased for Jacob last year. We’d heard good things and that it was Christmasy, so we went for it. It was cute, and had a wonderful message that there is love all around in small forms. Also, Christmas is the time to cherish the relationships you have and take risks for those you may want. It really was great! The snuggles and hot chocolate may have made me a little biased though. 
And the halls are officially decked! It was a multi-night effort! We made a grown up purchase last year and bought our first tree to rid the rat-gnawed attic one from our repertoire.
 It may have taken a few nights to get the lights working, and we have realized a flocked one was purchased (whoops!) and some of our old decorations looked funny, and we also may have realized a bigger tree typically requires a few more decorations, but a trip to Costco and a box of some new colors fixed everything! 
Even with the rush, we’re fitting some quality date time in here and there. 
Anyone else feeling our pain? And if so, what are you doing to manage it? 

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  1. Kate @ Another Clean Slate says:

    Your tree looks so festive! I am not getting one this year so a little extra jealous. And love that HoHoHo print on your table!

  2. HeyJude12 says:

    Found your blog while searching for ideas for a year of date night present for my then fiancé (now husband!) for valentines day this year. Been following for months but this is my first comment. I agree it's all about finding moments here and there. I made a list of all the Christmas things we want to do (activities, movies to see, etc) and hung it on our fridge. It's fun to refer to when we have free time and pick something from the list to do, but j didn't expect that every visitor we've had the last couple of weeks (lots with thanksgiving+ a new puppy for people
    to meet!) has stopped, commented on it and picked something from the list and either suggested it to their significant other right then or asked if we'd like join them for one of the events. I think this might be fun to do one for each season! What a fun way to help encourage others to have date nights too!

    By the way our monthly date nights have been a highlight of a year with a lot of ups and downs! The first of every month he reminds me its time for the envelope! A couple of particularly hard months he asked if he could “cheat” and open two, or open one early and what a nice treat for both of us to have it planned paid for and ready!

  3. Congrats on the marriage- and I'm glad you're loving envelopes and having fun dating!

    I love the list idea! I've seen a few on Pinterest and it seems like people have a great time enjoying seasons when they do them. We will have to give it a try sometime!

  4. Alicia Hanley says:

    This Christmas season is soooooo short. Such a shame. And cocomotion=love.

  5. True Agape says:

    Pretty tree! Christmas season goes by so fast! Have to enjoy it all as it passes quickly!